Praying For Change

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5 Sep , 2017   Posted by: Brian34


A documentary on homelessness and the journey of Leroy Bailey who’s God-appointed mission is to walk the perimeter of the United States, raising awareness and money to build shelters and hope centers across the country for the homeless.

Film Details

Director: Brian McPartlan

Year of Release: 2017

Running Time: 29 minutes

New England Connection: Brain McParlan is currently a senior at Fitchburg State University in Massachusettes.

Director(s) Bio:: A senior at Fitchburg State University, Brian McPartlan is passionate about a wide range of topics, all in the direction of creating positive, healing change in our world. He hopes to help assist in the good fight with filmmaking as his weapon of choice, to expose truths and help others expand their minds and hearts and live more compassionately for the Earth, the animals, and our fellow human beings.

Number of shooting days: 18

Camera Used: Canon C100

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Budget: $1,300

Financed by: Self-financed, Friends & Family, Crowd funding (Kickstarter, etc)




Film Trailer: