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5 Sep , 2017   Posted by: ericlatek


Living in isolation, Branch only communicates with the portraits he has created. His reality begins to break down when Branch is met by a mysterious voice outside his apartment door. As bizarre circumstances begin to unfold before his eyes, Branch tries to decipher reality from delusion, and discover the truth of who or what he really is.

Film Details

Director: Eric Latek

Writer: Eric Latek

Year of Release: 2016

Running Time: 25min

New England Connection: Rhode Island resident

Director(s) Bio:: Through my lens, I have been able to capture many moments in life. Moments that have been beautiful, funny, provocative, inspirational, dramatic and sad. The people I have been privileged to film have taught me about the human spirit in some shape or form. Much of the work I have done has both grounded me and humbled me. The reality I have captured has made me a better storyteller, whether it is writing, editing, framing a shot or creating motion graphics. I am constantly learning about my craft, and more importantly, about life, through the eye of my lens. I truly do not know if I am any good at what I do. I just know that I enjoy the process, I enjoy learning, and I feel grateful that my camera has been a vital tool throughout my journey. It has made me less of a filmmaker and more of a conduit.

Number of shooting days: 5

Camera Used: RED Dragon 6K - Anamorphic

Editing software: Premiere CC and After Effects CC

Budget: 0.00

Financed by: Self-financed

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