Theme Song Rebel

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1 Sep , 2016   Posted by: Luke_P


In a dystopia where a person’s social class is determined by their theme song, Louise wants to change her tune.

Film Details

Director: Luke Patton

Writer: Luke Patton

Year of Release: 2014

Running Time: 20 min

New England Connection: Theme Song Rebel was written and directed by Luke Patton, who was born and raised in Boston.

Director(s) Bio:: Luke Patton is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, born and raised in Boston, MA. He has a B.A. in Film Studies from Vanderbilt University and an MFA in Film Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Number of shooting days: 6

Camera Used: RED Epic, RED Scarlet, and a 5D Mark II

Editing software: Avid

Financed by: Friends & Family, Crowd funding (Kickstarter, etc)

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