Guitar #1711

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Guitar #1711 is a beautifully filmed experience of one guitars construction. From raw materials to finished performance this film explores the tools, relationships and skills that go into building fine guitars.

Film Details

Director: Guy Benoit

Writer: Guy Benoit

Year of Release: 2013

Running Time: 23

New England Connection: Filmed entirely in Pawtucket, Guitar #1711 follow Rhode Island based, custom guitar maker Otto D'Ambrosio through a year long process of building one guitar. Directed by Guy Benoit, Cinematography by William Smyth and Edited by Jon Downs, all from Rhode Island.

Director(s) Bio:: Guy Benoit, is graduate of Providence College and a Rhode Island based filmmaker. He is the screenwriter behind Richard Griffin's "Exhumed" and directed the shorts, The Chair and Crosley Fiver.

Number of shooting days: 75

Camera Used: Canon 7D

Editing software: Final Cut Studio

Financed by: Self-financed




Film Trailer: