Kids of the World

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With the snap of her fingers, Binto can defy the laws of nature. She can do everything from transporting her friends to instantly commanding a thunderstorm. Okay… maybe that’s just her imagination. But in Kennedy Park, kids are not constrained by the conventions of reality. Kids of the World features 11 young people who once lived in Africa, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere in the United States, who now find themselves in Lewiston, Maine, sharing one communal park. The kids were invited to make up stories – some based on their personal lives, some completely fictional – and then discuss, reenact, and perform these stories on the big screen. 11 Kids, 4 Stories, 1 Park. Part documentary and part fantasy, Kids of the World is all fun.

Film Details

Director: Craig Saddlemire

Writer: Craig Saddlemire

Year of Release: 2011

Running Time: 27

New England Connection: Kids of the World was recorded and produced in Lewiston, ME and features music by Sontiago, hip hop artist in Portland, ME.

Director(s) Bio:: Craig Saddlemire is an independent video producer and founder of Round Point Movies ( He is committed to art, activism, and social change. He likes videomaking, bikes, creative expression, collaborative art making, gardening, and community building. Craig tries his best to mix all of these things together and share his work through libraries, community centers, online, and other places free and accessible to the public.

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