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Red Flag

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1 Sep , 2010   Posted by:


Tracy, an “everywoman” in her early 30’s, goes on four blind dates…nightmares. She emerges unscathed, even after ignoring red flag after red flag, and seems to have given up on dating. Free and alone, she stumbles upon a fabulous guy in the park. All is looking good until it’s time to say goodbye.

Film Details

Director: Sheila Curran Dennin

Writer: Sheila Curran Dennin

Year of Release: 2009

Running Time: 11

New England Connection: Writer/Director Sheila Curran Dennin was raised in Newton, MA and graduated from UMass/Amherst. Producer Maureen Ryan lived in Boston, MA for almost 15 years and graduated from Boston College.

Director(s) Bio:: Sheila Curran Dennin has been writing and directing for film, video and multi-media over 20 years. Her work as been recognized by numerous awards, including two Freddies, one CINE and six Telly Awards. Her health films cover a range of topics including programs on HIV and AIDS testing for at-risk women and their partners, Clinical Trials for children, Big Brother/Big Sisters and Advance Directives aimed at gay couples living with HIV.
Her television work includes field production and interviews for several cable network programs, including Villians, Vixens and Superheroes, The Road and Biography. Television writing credits include projects for the SciFi Channel, Lifetime Television, Court TV and COPS.
She is currently at work on a feature film script.