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ECS Video Systems, Inc.

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ECS has the largest inventory of teleprompter equipment in New England. Q-tv flat panel displays ranging from 8′ (hand held) to 17′ as well as speech systems. Make one call to us and we will help you pick the proper display and arrange for one of our expert operators who will arrive with the gear and take it away at the end of the shoot. We also rent MicroDolly’s dolly & track system, jib, and Matthews DC Slider. Please visit our website for more information. Finally, we also have gear and opera

Credits & Awards

Years in Business: over 20 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Eric Silverstein President
50 Hunt Street
Watertown MA 02472
Email: erics@ecsvideosystems.com
Website: http://www.ecsvideosystems.com
Phone: (617) 924-7300
Cell: 617 308-0841
Fax: (617) 926-7965