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The processes we use at Boston Straeon have been developed over 30 years of experience in class; on stage and on set; and it continues to change with the evolution of storytelling. This journey has resulted in a very unique and intimate way of working with artists. Our coaches will use a variety of techniques from all over the world to guide the artists on their quest to extraordinary storytelling. The studios network includes many film; television and stage artist professionals from around the world; assuring that your journey will be on the cutting edge of of the art of storytelling.
One of our newest and most exciting developments is the co-coached class. As TV and movie sets discovered the wonders of working with two or more cameras; our coaches developed a way to incorporate that dynamic interaction into our scene study work. The artists get two perspectives of their work and twice the attention and feedback.
Our scene study classes focus on the art of storytelling. Each student will be taken on a journey of self discovery; developing their own unique way of working. You will learn about character creation; (what we call the Heros Journey); story analysis; and the power of relationship. Ultimately; you will rediscover the joy and simplicity of extraordinary storytelling How the human heart changes.
All scenes and scene partners are chosen by the coach. The first scene will be a character close to how you present yourself and your scene partner will be an actor who has been in the Studio for awhile. You should expect to spend two weeks on a scene. The first month will be about you and the coach getting to know each other. After that; the coach will be familiar with your strengths and weaknesses; and a learning process will be created uniquely for you. Some of our scene study classes are co-coached.
Our Scene Study class is currently presented in two formats: On Going Weekly (4 hours per week; 4 weeks per month) and On Going Monthly Intensives (16 hours; 2 days per month).
The auditing program is a great fit for those who want to observe the scene work and participate in class discussions. Although auditors do not perform in scenes; they are considered full members and can audit any of our classes anywhere in the world. The requirements to join the auditor program are the same as for regular members. Contact the City Manager in your area for further information.

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