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1 Beyond; Inc.

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Native Digital Video Editing Systems = Lossless editing at the highest possible quality for all DV; and DVCAM formats. No recompression; no MJPeg ever. Also convert analog to DV. You can rent for a day or lease for a month; same price.

Credits & Awards

One of their specialities is Adobe Premiere which won the ‘Top Editing Software’ award at the National Assoc. of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas last Spring.


System recently selected to edit a 12-camera production to submit to the Gala Awards; because of Native DV lossless editing; highest qualty and simultaneous 20+ A/V tracks of 13+ hours of Digital Video at highest quality.

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Terry Cullen
529 Main St Suite 109
Boston MA 2129
Email: sales@1beyond.com
Website: http://www.1Beyond.com
Phone: (617) 591-2200
Fax: 617-591-2211