Lori A. Frankian

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Lori works one on one with talent from beginners to seasoned
professionals within Boston; New York and Los Angeles. She assist
actors with ALL aspects of the Business end of the Business
including / not limited to: developing and maintaining successful
individual business strategies; image definition; savvy and smooth
transitions to the next level and into larger markets; landing an
Agent and preparing for meetings with industry executives from agents
to Network.
The time you spend with Lori is designed around YOUR needs; abilities
and professional aspirations: Defining specific and realistic goals;
support with organization; obstacles and motivation; the how to’s;
what to do__s and what not to do’s while networking; marketing;
auditioning and interviewing and handling troubleshooting /
challenging issues. You will learn the Who’s Who in Boston; NY and LA
(CD’s / Producers / Training Professionals / Photog’s) and how to get
their attention. If you are serious about pursuing an acting career
and ready to take responsibility for your business; Lori is certainly
the person to assist you in making it happen!

Credits & Awards


Over 200 clients

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Lori A. Frankian Business Consultant For Actors
Astor Station
P.O.Box 475
Boston MA 2123
Email: laf602@verizon.net
Website: http://www.loriafrankian.com
Phone: (617) 437-0334
Fax: (617) 867-9696