Dennis Lewoczko

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Acting Stats


Credits & Awards

Best Supporting Actor given to him by his piersBest Band for his performance as a guitarists given by audience participation


Dennis has won two best supporting actor awards for performances in the plays Shut and Bar the Door and Not My Cup of Tea. These awards were given by his teachers and fellow actors. He also performed in She Stoops to Conquer; Becketts Shorter Collected Works; LeCycle Day Vi; and starred in the lead role of Shakespeares The Tempest as Prospero. He perfected this role; with hundreds of lines without flaw. It was a truly commendable performance. He also starred in the comedy Into the Woods in which he got to use his comedy and singing talents as The Baker. He is able to become any character he chooses whether its drama; comedy; foreign; old; young; etc. and is committed to each and every role. Recently; he performed a solo singing Desperado; at the Thats Entertainment Production and entered and won a Best Band contest for his band Mighty Gerd with a comedy skit; singing and playing guitar that he did with a fellow actor. Their performance was amazing. He is currently preparing for a lead role is Shakespeares Hamlet.

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Dennis Lewoczko Actor/Musician
144 Sachem Street
Middleboro MA 2346
Email: kcl57@aol.com
Cell: (508) 509-0183
Other Phone: (508) 946-0258