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Vanessa Query

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Acting Stats

Hair color: Red
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'6"
Build: Medium to Large
Age Range: 36-40
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Vanessa Query is a a director, writer, performer, and organizer. She has written and directed several short films and has performed and produced sketch comedy, circus sideshow, and collaborative multimedia performance.

She has a B.A. in Theater from Antioch College, where she studied with Louise Smith. She has also studied circus sideshow and stunt work, improv comedy, guerrilla theater, melodrama, and commedia dell’arte with founding members of Faux-Real Theatre, Harley Newman, Todd Robbins of Coney Island, Ari Voukydis of the original Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and the San Francisco Mime Troupe.

She has written and directed five short films: “Love Conquers All”, “Awkward Hugs: An Investigative Report,” “Local Woman Still Missing”, “The Mythical Monster, and “Alienation.”

She has performed sketch comedy as part of The Pathological Upstagers and the Third Friday Players, and has performed circus sideshow as a solo performer.

She wrote and directed an autoperformance piece, “The Three P’s of the Human Experience,” and a one-act play, “It Adds Up.”

One of the first times she performed was on an episode of Comedy Central’s “Upright Citizens Brigade,” in which she played a girl in a coma.

She produced the Yellow Springs Short Film Festival and several open mic nights. She is currently the manager of The LAVA Center, a community arts space and venue in Greenfield, MA.

She was born and bred in Rhode Island, currently lives in Greenfield, Mass, and has second homes in Yellow Springs, Ohio and Clones, Co Monaghan, Ireland.

Credits & Awards


Screenplay & director: “Alienation” — Greenfield, MA; 2019

Screenplay & director: “The Mythical Monster” — Turners Falls, MA; 2018

Screenplay & director: “Local Woman Still Missing” — Yellow Springs, OH; 2010

Screenplay & director: “Awkward Hugs: An Investigative Report” — Yellow Springs, OH; 2010

Screenplay & director: “Love Conquers All” — Yellow Springs, OH; 2009

Years in Business: 10-20 years

Contact Information

Greenfield MA 01301
Email: me@vanessaquery.com
Website: https://vanessaquery.com
Other Website: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0256264/