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Kewan J. Harrison

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Everyone has an origin story—Dad’s old 8mm camera, a childhood fantasy, a family drive-in night… In many ways, I guess I have one too.

Mine starts with elaborate bedtime stories spoken between snores, scouring a friend’s massive DVD collection, an obsession with documentaries on the History Channel—back when it covered REAL history—and a cheap digital camera.

I am passionate about film making, I’d do it even if it afforded not even the slightest compensation. It is this passion that I bring to every project and community that I am involved in; I hope to bring it to yours as well.

As a writer and director, I strive to tell uniquely human stories, 100% of the time. It is my slogan and the meaning I live for.

As a cinematographer, I aspire to create compelling images that help to convey the deep-seated emotion held within every bit of a performance. It is my calling.

And as your partner, I intend to both inspire and learn from you. This is my goal.

So without further adieu, let’s make something to remember!


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Years in Business: 5-10 years

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Primary Contact: Kewan Harrison
Email: kewanharrison@gmail.com
Website: https://kewanharrison.com
Other Website: https://www.1010pro.com
Phone: 8605934149