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Rule Boston Camera

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Since 1990, Rule Broadcast Systems has provided production companies, broadcast and cable networks, and independent producers with the video and audio equipment they need for their most critical projects. Rule’s stellar reputation reflects the expertise of our staff; our comprehensive service, which extends from equipment-related production planning through installation and tech support; and the quality and capabilities of the professional-grade equipment we rent and sell.
With more than 25

Credits & Awards

Years in Business: over 20 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Brian Malcom General Manager
395 Western Ave (Drop Off and Pick Up)
Boston MA 02135
Email: answers@rule.com
Website: http://www.rule.com
Phone: 617-277-2200
Other Phone: 1-800-785-3266
Fax: 617-277-6800
  • Rule Boston Camera
  • Rule Boston Camera