Ian Dylan Hunt

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Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Build: Medium to Large
Weight: 190
Age Range: 46-50
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Ian Dylan Hunt is an actor, writer and vocalist who was born in Weymouth Massachusetts and raised in Pembroke, A suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, about 30 miles South of the city. Ian began his professional acting career in February 2015 as Background performer in a feature film that was being shot in the Boston area. Since then he has appeared in over 40 professional productions that include commercials for television and web, industrial’s, network and cable television shows and series, music videos, film shorts and well over a dozen feature films and counting. Ian has performed as Background, Supporting Roles and leads. He is constantly involved in multiple new projects both in development and in production. He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild in January 2020.

Credits & Awards


FILM Joy Fabri pac worker Fox Central intelligence Reunion Guest Universal Purge 3 Secret Service Universal Patriots day HIG Interrogator CBS Stronger ER Family member/Red Sox Fan Mandeville The Detroit Project Detroit P.D. Annapurna Bruderherz Man in photos ZDF Professor Marston and the wonder women Reporter Stage 6 Films Daddy’s Home 2 Airport Traveler Paramount The Catcher Was A Spy Red Sox Fan Old Harbor Procrastination is the theif of time Party Goer Shepard/Hage Gutterbug Mr Fletcher Dead Air Equalizer 2 Federal Agent Columbia The Coffee Scene Construction worker 2 Tufts University Eve Embassy Guest DPI Coda Fisherman AMC The Bootlegger Max Fox Black Duck Productions Love, Weddings and other disasters Bostonian TV Today Show interview NBC Perfect Citizen Boston professional CBS The Cars thsat made America episode 1 Server History Channel Music Video, “Notion” Rare Occasion Evil Church Member Tagmental Castle Rock Episode 2 Choir Member Paul Warner Brothers Paterno Sideline Reporter HBO City on a hill Ebb Tide Drunkard Showtime Suspicion Fundraiser Guest NBC Castle Rock episode 4 Choir Member Paul Warner Brothers The cars that made America episode 2 Speakeasy Patron History Channel Succession episode 2.04 ATR employee HBO Defending Jacob Search Party Dad Netflix Castle Rock Season 2 episode 10 Marstenite Warner Bros COMMERCIAL North Texas Krav Maga Student Local Titlest Pro V 1x series spectator/reporter Titlest productions Ocean State Job Lot “Summer Time Fine” Manager Animus Productions Ocean State Job Lot Series “A Snaily Situation” The Dectective Animus Productions Atlantic Federal Credit union Man on the street Catama Productions IBM “Resilient” Head of cyber security Ketchum Productions Ocean State Job Lot “BBQ Pit Master” Pit Master Animus Productions Ocean State Job Lot “Office Pool Party” Manager Animus Productions Flipp “Flipp App” Bus Commuter Element Productions Volvo 2018 Snooty guy Element Productions Mybookie.ag Annoyed Supervisor Schloss Films Connecticut State Lottery Cell Phone Guy “Theater” Sweet Rickey TRAINING KD studios dallas tx intro to acting KD Studios Boston Casting Business and Marketing Angela Peri CP casting Auditioning for film and TV Kyle Crand Boston Casting Auditioning for industrials John Campenello Boston Casting Auditioning for commercials Ellen Korsh Boston Casting Auditioning for film and TV Lisa Lobel CP Casting Auditioning for film and TV Kyle Crand

Years in Business: 5-10 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Ian Hunt Actor MA
Email: huntian@rocketmail.com
Other Website: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7683074/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm
Phone: 7814229774
  • Mr Fletcher in "Gutterbug"
  • Max Fox in "The Bootlegger"
  • Max Fox In "The Bootlegger"