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Are you an amateur scriptwriter? Are you struggling with formatting? Do you need someone to proofread your script before marketing it? Or do you just need a second opinion on the story?

Enter the Script Doctor! I can help you craft a well-formatted script that will catch the eye of screenplay contest judges and potential producers alike.

It doesn’t take any formal training to come up with fantastic worlds and gripping characters. However, if a script has spelling mistakes or does not follow proper formatting, a producer or judge will just toss it out regardless of the logline. A well-made script is not only easier to read but easier to make into a film.

I have taken many scriptwriting classes and have written many scripts for projects I have directed and produced. Below is a link to my work and examples of some scripts I have written. This is a great opportunity for those in college about to embark on a semester-long project or for those hoping to get into screenplay contests.

Please email me to inquire about rates or if you have any questions. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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