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Age Range: 21-25

The main character is a young man who lives alone in his apartment. The film begins showing him coming home from going grocery shopping and putting away all his items in a orderly, specific manner, demonstrating his meticulous nature. A month or two goes by, and all of a sudden, the man notices a few flies in his apartment. He is unsettled by this, but proceeds to kill them as quickly as possible, hoping they were just from an open window somewhere. However, the flies begin to multiply quickly, to his horror. He begins going through methods of clearing out flies, but nothing seems to be working, and the flies seem to be increasing. He starts taking more drastic measures, becoming more and more frantic as time goes on. In the end, when he opens his closet door, he realizes that he had left some food in one of his grocery bags from the beginning, which had rotted over time and drawn the flies in.

Credits & Awards

Years in Business: 2-5 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Shane Smallshaw Student
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford CT 06117
Phone: 2039093378