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Connecticut Screenwriters

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Screenwriters! Here’s a short-script writing contest (10 pages or fewer) celebrating 15 years of the Connecticut Screenwriters group, the premier screenwriters’ group in Connecticut. Contest entrants must follow all the rules, and winners must attend an awards ceremony on Saturday, November 16, 2019, in West Hartford, Connecticut. There are cash prizes of $300, $150, and $50 for the winners, along with a “certificate of victory” printed on real paper.

1) Script submission deadline: Sept. 18, 2019. Email your new, original, short script to: scripts@westhartfordlibrary.org. The subject line of the email must follow this format:
That is, the word SCRIPT – AUTHOR’S NAME (last name, first name) – the actual SCRIPT TITLE.
Include full contact information with your submission (real name and mailing address; email; phone). Entrants will receive an email notification when their script is received.
2) Those submitting must be at least 16 years old. No more than two entries per person are allowed. All submissions are final – no revisions of previously submitted work will be accepted.
3) Scripts must be ten pages or fewer, and must approximate standard screenwriting format. Scripts must have six or fewer characters.
4) Each script must have the words “public library” somewhere in the dialog. “Public library” does not necessarily have to be significant to your story, it need only appear in your dialog. Scripts can be of any variety, fiction or non-fiction, but content should be either: G, PG, or PG-13.
5) Scripts will be reviewed by the Connecticut Screenwriters group. For review purposes, authors’ names will be stripped from submitted scripts. Connecticut Screenwriters members may also participate in the contest.
6) Regular attendees of Connecticut Screenwriters group will pick the top three scripts. Voting will be by secret ballot.
7) There will be three prizes: $300, $150, $50. Prizes are provided by the West Hartford Public Library Foundation, Thomas F. Kilfoil Bequest.
8) Winners must attend the Awards Ceremony on Saturday morning, Nov. 16, 2019, at the West Hartford Public Library, 20 South Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut. Please do not submit a script for review if you cannot attend the awards ceremony; cash prizes can only given to those who attend the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony may be recorded and used for marketing purposes.
9) Authors retain rights to their script(s), but also, upon submission of a script to this contest, the West Hartford Public Library is granted a non-exclusive, royalty free, irrevocable license to reproduce, distribute, display, or otherwise use, any or all submitted scripts. [Realistically, we are “public library” entwined, and will treat all scripts and their authors respectfully, protectively, even lovingly.]
10) Winning scripts may receive a staged reading at some later date, which may be recorded, the reading, that is.
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Primary Contact: Joe Cadieux Grants & Programs
West Hartford Public Library
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Email: whpl@westhartfordct.gov
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