Raj Jawa

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Acting Stats

Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Build: Medium to Large
Weight: 230
Age Range: 26-30, 31-35
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Other

Connect via:

I am Raj Jawa. I’m a FiCore actor and native son of Los Angeles currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I became interested in acting through my studies in Film Production at College of the Canyons under visionary independent filmmakers like Mike Ott. Early on, I was given a few opportunities to “act” in minuscule roles that my fellow classmates didn’t bother to cast for like The Teacher or I would fill in off-camera roles in my own short films like the Father in Mind Control or the TV Comedian in The Casting Couch.

While at community college, I met and started working with abstract artist Diego Miranda under the banner of mbcFilms. Together Diego and I would produce seven short films and other projects including I’m Not Real and Fourth, both of which I starred in before any real acting training. In December 2008, I earned my Associates Degree with Honors in Film and Video Production from College of the Canyons. Over the next ten years, I booked and acted in over sixty projects in a principal capacity. I began taking acting classes under working professionals such as film director Katt Shea and casting director Stephen Snyder.

In total, I’ve directed and produced seven short films including the award winning P.A., which was also my first experience directing myself, and my marijuana autobiography Weed and Me. I’ve worked on a number of sketches for different comedy collectives like Great Shakes, C-Buck with Brandon Lamberty, and Cram It Productions from my youth. I also created The Shy Guys sketch series based upon my very first short film Shy Guy Says… shot on a 16mm Bolex for Cinematography class. Since the 2012 pilot, I’ve also been a friend and collaborator of Motown Maurice and The Late Night Experiment.

I established Garaj Pictures with Aditya Vishwanath in 2014 with the goal of producing three high-quality feature films with low-budgets back-to-back in the span of one year. By 2016, Garaj Pictures would have Shadows Fall, our first feature film, ready for distribution deals but no lucrative deals materialized and I dissolved the LLC entity in December 2017. You can read more of my feelings on the ambitious endeavor that was Garaj Pictures in this blog post.

As of June 2018, I have relocated to Boston, Massachusetts and, exactly a year later, I have signed with WSM Talent Agency to continue my professional acting work on the East Coast.

Credits & Awards

Years in Business: 5-10 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Raj Jawa
27 Howell St
Apt 1
Dorchester MA 02125
Email: rajjawa@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rajjawa.com
Other Website: http://www.imdb.me/rajjawa
Cell: 18186200704