Michael T Francis

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Acting Stats

Hair color: White
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Amber
Height: 6'0"
Build: Medium to Large
Weight: 220
Age Range: 66-70
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Mike is a professional actor on stage, screen and television and a member of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Actors Equity Association. As an actor educator he belongs to the International Museum Theatre Alliance, the International Planetarium Society, the Mid Atlantic Planetarium Society and SoloTogether (the organization of New England historical performers).

Credits & Awards


The Catch Night Watchman The Catch Film LLC
Lotto Gunner Saoli Nash, Dir
The Death and Live of Norman Bailey Solicitor Siri Borgen, Dir
Big Shot Freidrich Evan Moore, Dir
Child’s Play Benedito Yongmyung Yi, Dir
Limits of Expansion Baba Erik Henrichsen, Dir
Radicalization of Father Wallace Father Wallace Andres Philips, Dir
4 Cambridge Center Dr. Brandt Zak Ray, Dir
Fable Narrator Lisa Kistajic, Dir
Smoked Omar Tom Vezeau, Dir
Obedience Barry Joe Tornatore, Dir
Four Winters Jacob Felipe Machado, Dir
This is My Body Monsignor Morrow Christine Colburn, Dir
Cubby Knowles Mr. Lincoln Garth Donovan, Dir
Fathers Mike Bridget Lake, Dir
The Peoples Attorney Senator Charles Stuart Prod.
SPENSER FOR HIRE-Autumn Thieves-Officer Williams�Murder and Acquisition-Cosmo
INDUSTRIALS–American Management Association�NE Telephone�GTE�Digital
COMMERCIAL-Mass Office of Travel and Tourism�Pabst�NE Telephone�Freihofer’s�Genese�et. others

Years in Business: over 20 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Mike Francis Actor
Secondary Contact: Mike Francis
2143 Commonwealth Ave
Auburndale MA 02466
Email: mfrancis@mike-francis.com
Website: http://Mike-Francis.com
Phone: 6178610743
Cell: 6174487067
Other Phone: 9788742019

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