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Fyfe Media Company & White Pine Digital Studios

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Fyfe Media Company & White Pine Digital Studios are Film & Entertainment Production businesses. We have provided many Indie Filmmakers & Industry Giants with Pre and Post production services, Director for Film, Editing Services, along with many other services. IMDB credits are available for perusal. Short list of our Services:

Voice Acting & Voiceover Services
Crew Staffing for Filmmakers
Field Audio Recording
Video & Audio Editing, Scoring, Mixing
Color Grading
Film Director
Set & Prop Design

Credits & Awards


20th Century Fox XMen 3
Sins of Man: Rise of Mortis
Sins of Man: Vengeance
The Vengeful One
Hearts of New England

Years in Business: over 20 years

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Christopher Fyfe CEO
7 Mast Rd
Pittston ME 04345
Email: Fyfemedia@gmail.com
Other Website: http://www.imdb.me/christopherfyfe
Phone: 207-200-9222