casting friend of murderer in Revenge Fantasy

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Doug is a bitter sexist and his friend and him talk about how unfair the world is to them all the time, but then Frank decides to become a killer. to be fair, the women in franks life have been unfair with him a lot; his ex girlfriend lying about a pregnancy and taking him to court with terrible claims. his best friend in college led him on until he was in love, then ran away when he more or less explained his feelings. his mother, his childhood crush, and failures online. That and a strange interest in the dark side of art and life in general; crime history, online videos on the edge of the web caused a killer to emerge. Doug is his best friend who was supposed to be the voice of reason but instead was affirming and encouraging this rage.
please send headshot,
auditions will be on Skype
shoot is likely three days
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  • 18-20
  • 21-25
Independent Film
revenge fantasy
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