Casting Call: “The Caretaker” (2018) [Central VT/Rutland]

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Casting for my 3rd film, to be filmed in VT over the next 2-3 months. My first film won the VA Indy Film Festival (documentary category) and my second, which was essentially a one-person production, was accepted into the Nevermore Film Festival in 2013 and has been watched on Amazon Prime more than 40,000 times. For this third film I will have some production assistance and hope to raise the bar a bit. Casting for the following roles:

Katy Ricks (female, mid- to late-40s). Bartender and co-owner of Glory Dayz pub. Katy has spent her life in a small town and married her high-school sweetheart, from whom she is now divorced but still shares ownership of the bar. While not mean-spirited, she is tired of her station in life and has only a glimmer of remaining hope that things will ever get better. Think “Adriana” from The Sopranos but not as hard, and definitely not New Jersey. Includes five scenes, all inside “Glory Dayz” pub. Pays $500 + travel expenses (if any).

Kenny Ricks (male, mid- to late 40s). Katy’s ex-husband and co-owner of Glory Dayz pub. Although from the same small, blue-collar town as the others, Kenny has his act together more than most. Newly engaged, Kenny is eager to sell his half of Glory Dayz and move on. He has known the film’s main character, Jeff Butler, since they were kids and sees him as the shady ne’er do-well he is. Kenny would rather not deal with Jeff at all, but is willing if Jeff has the cash in hand to buy him out. Includes seven scenes, five of which are off-screen phone calls (i.e., voice only). Pays $300 + travel expenses (if any).

Please note that I am posting this in a number of locations and have no idea what kind of response I will get. Last time I did this in the DC/Baltimore area I received dozens of responses for a single small role. I will only respond if I believe you are a physical match for the role, after which an over-the-phone audition (or in-person, depending on location) would be the next step. Than
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