Zombies and the president.

Posted in Screenplays Available by Austyn on 07/08/2018 |

Sorry to be short here, but I already wrote a page and a half only to find my connection dropped. Lovely. Anyway, this feature is something I can't share unless you provide a reel and explain why you would do this justice. The short of it is that I wrote it with a friend and he doesn't think it stands up now that the president has taken office, but I disagree. I love this movie, we had a fun time writing it and it's crazy. Without giving too much away, basically the campaigning president unleashes a zombie outbreak which turns all inside a border town into zombies, except for the migrant workers. Rather this is a mistake or intentional, is unclear, all the workers know is that they have to get across border to safety, and hope everything works out fine. This is a hilarious and a somewhat political satire with zombies... It's not your normal zombie outbreak, or zombie comedy, it's just a campaign gone wrong... or right.

Again, if interested, please share why you'd be a perfect fit and share your reel, and how much you can purchase it for, so I can share them with my cowriters and convince them that we can make it! I hate seeing this just sitting...
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