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This upcoming summer, I'm having a full table read for a feature-length film I wrote called Under Violet Skies. It'll be a read of the full screenplay from start to finish, I need actresses in the mid-20's age range to portray my 3 female leads in the story. It's a dark. gritty crime thriller with interesting and relatable characters. Just to be upfront, the table read itself is an unpaid gig... but it COULD lead to being cast in the actual film when the time comes, and that WILL be a paid gig. As far as requirements, you MUST be a reliable actress. Meaning you must show up to the table read if you SAY you're going to show up. You must also be willing to make a video audition to be considered. So if you send me an email of interest, I will send you the script, and you're welcome to use a scene of your choice to audition for the role you want for the table read. Anyone responding to this post, please send me your head shots and resumes to ... and I will send you brief character descriptions of the 3 female leads AND the script itself in response. ALL emails will be answered. It might just take me a day or 2 to respond. The table read will be in either mid or late summer. No official date has been settled on yet, but it will be held in Southeastern, Connecticut. If that's not too far for you and you're interested in being a part of this table read, please respond and I look forward to hearing from you. Again, you must have experience and you MUST be dependable. Thank you.
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