VFX Artist needed for short Indie Feature

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We are a small indie film company in Southern NH and have a short feature shot and now in post.

It is a post-apocalyptic drama/adventure about a couple that is hiking to a sanctuary land after the environment has collapsed and the government has declared martial law, taken over control of the media and the world is simply falling apart.

We have quite a few VFXs needed ranging from a brick wall collapsing to making a brand new helicopter look beat up and grimey.

VFX heavy short film
post apocalyptic nature
roughly 60 VFX shots including:
-object removal
software used now (but not limited to:
-Adobe After Effects
-Element 3D
-Cinema 4D
-Mocha Pro

Most of the footage was shot in 5K on Red Scarlet Cinema Camera so you will need some pretty robust hardware.

Please send me an email with a few links to your reels and a bit about your experience.

Best Regards,
Dan Rowntree

: 6033185854
New Hampshire
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