Opportunity for Writer, Director, Producer, Makeup Artist

Posted in Paid Other Film Jobs by improviz on 04/15/2018 |

As many people have commented, I bear an uncanny resemblance to special prosecutor Robert Mueller-same height, hair, body type, face shape. With just a little bit of makeup and prosthetic work, I could be his double. I am a SAG actor, so I know what I'm doing.

Over the next 6 months at least, Mueller will be in the headlines. This represents any number of opportunities that could be monetized. I would be happy to discuss ideas with creatives-writers, directors, make up artists. Right now I'm not sure if this will be solo work or if other actors will be needed. Stay tuned.

It's hard to project what the shelf life of a Mueller project would be, so best to get moving quickly.

: 6174551827
Deferred payment pre-arranged on a percentage basis
The Marvelous Mr. Mueller
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