Seeking a fellow Geek Co-Producer/Business Partner for Future Film & TV Projects!

Posted in Volunteer Other Film Gigs by DreamApex on 03/21/2018 |

Seeking an enthusiastic highly motivated ambitious positive punk rock spirited co-Produce/business partner. Must love movies of all genres, most importantly horror movies, must have a vast knowledge of movie lore and classic movies, pretty much everything that is Geeky pop culture. Skilled in storytelling, screenwriting, cinematography, editing on Final Cut Pro, jack of all trades. I have several projects down the pike, including a horror t.v. series and Sci-fi web series. I have access to an editing studio and movie making gear! I also have connections in L.A. For us the only way to make money is to put in 120% effort, network, push the product and never ever give up!

: 857-417-6043
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