sultry ladies voice for female cat

Posted in Volunteer Other Film Gigs by Austyn S. on 01/28/2018 |

Hello... is once again HOPING to get the projects done. We lost our first animator due to alien abduction, then when he came back he was too busy. Damn aliens... So I am currently fighting my way to animate this...which lost us some of our voices who needed more professional samples for their reel. I don't blame them. So it's currently just one other voice and myself picking up the slack... We'll get them back once we have something profitable. The plan is to finish season 1 of the Mr. Kitty files then search for avenues to get it on a streaming site. it's a slow process... and we need Mrs Kitty's voice... She's Mr Kitty's love and former queen, she doesn't have to be sultry ... i'm torn between that or a bit sinister. She's often Mr. Kitty's willing accomplice so she's no angel... Enjoy the site and let me know if you are interested. Just message via FB if you'd like.

Austyn S.
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