Rough 'Feature" Screenplay written already.. Seeking interested Prod. Co,- Very 'musical' work!

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Nate, a poor boy (living in Cambridge, Mass., during the mid-'60's 'Folk Music Boom' and the 'Summer of Love') is working in Printing Factories, playing his guitar and writing songs.. Dreaming of, one day, growing up to be like his early childhood 'hero', Hank Williams, Sr. (The 'father' of his dreams!). His poet friend, Willie remains distraught and totally-obsessed by the pre-mature death of his Mother, only a few years earlier.. and the two boys are desperately trying to survive-'emotionally' in all of the negativity and bleakness about them.. supporting each other's 'artistic interests' through-out. But, ultimately, the 'Darkness' wins-out and over-takes the "Light".. and tragedy strikes!.. But, in this, it ..only winning 'half the battle'! A 'poesy'-styled, musical and sensitive, 'coming of age' tale.. Based on a true story!
Note: This is the story's (and Novel's) synopsis... Available on Amazon (under the title "The Book of Odes- Factory Boy" by Mark Brine)
See brief 11 min. video on youtube under "Willie - Mark Brine"

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