Here you’ll find a how-to guide for, as well as answers to common questions.

How to Create an Account

To view any of the pages on, you do not need an account. However, if you want to post a job, event, directory listing, etc. you must have an account first. To request an account click the “request an account” link in the tan sidebar on the top. Since all accounts must be approved by hand by our team, it can take a few days. Once you are approved, you will be able to instantly post on the site forever, as long as you follow the basic rules. If your account is not approved in one week, you can email with more information asking to have your account approved.

How to Delete an Account

Email from your e-mail on file and specify your username to delete your account. Deleted accounts CANNOT be restored after deletion.

How to Request a Password

If you think you might already have an account, but forgot your password, you can click the “Lost Your Password?” link on the login page.

How to Post a Classified, Directory Listing, or Local Films

All job listings and classifieds are completely free to post and view. In order to post a classified, you must login to an approved account. Then, click “My Account” in the tan menu on the top left and select for the type of content you want to create.

How to Update or Delete a Classified, Directory Listing, Local Film, etc

Login and click on “My Account” in the tan menu on the top left and select for the type of content you want to edit.

If you need to update or delete an existing classified, directory listing or local film that is not currently linked to your account, please email and be sure to give us the url for the ad or listing in question.

How to Customize Your Public Profile

Login and click on “My Account” at the top left tan navigation bar. From there, click on “Edit Profile” or “Edit Profile Photo”.

How do I find a job or acting role in the local industry? does not place people in film and video jobs or acting roles, however we do keep an updated list of available jobs and casting calls in our Classifieds section.

We suggest you bookmark that page and check back every few days for new opportunities.

If you are from the US and work in film/video, make sure that you are listed in our Production Directory.

It might also make sense for you to get listed with Crew Referral companies in the area.

Also, depending on the kind of work you’re interested in, you might want to join a few of the local industry organizations. Find listings of film and video organizations in our Production Directory.

How do I find information about a job or classified you no longer have listed?

We do not save information on past ads, so we can’t help you on this one.  Please make sure to copy down information when the listing is online.  Jobs stay up for typically 45 days only.

How do I list my services on

The only place for people to list their services is in our Industry Directory.  Before you are listed, please search the site and make sure you don’t already have one! To get listed for free, get a free account, login, and then click up top on the directory menu and click to add a listing.

How can I get in touch with a certain filmmaker?

Our privacy policy does not allow us to give out filmmakers’ (or anyone’s) contact information unless we have explicit permission to do so.  However, we do have contact information for most filmmakers and are happy to pass on a message (within reason) to them.  The filmmaker can then decide to respond to the message or not.  Contact us at

How do I find funding for my film? does not finance films or help filmmakers with financing.  However, we do have several articles that may be useful. For example, read our recent articles on film funding or see our learn section.

How do I find out more about a particular company?

Any information that we have is listed on our site.  Feel free to post on our Facebook group for peer questions.

How can I get promotion for my film through is always looking for local films, companies and filmmakers to profile.  Please contact our editor at or send news to

You can also advertise on We work with all budgets.

What is is an online magazine, resource and festival for thousands of film industry professionals.  All of our resources are available online. Read more about us.

Still have a question?

If you still have a question, then please feel free to Contact Us.