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About Imari Jarrod Bratcher

Imari Bratcher is a video producer, editor and a special effects artist currently attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Emerson College. He works primarily in video/film, but also has over five years of training in painting and dance, having attended Douglas Anderson School for the Arts before moving to Boston.

Imari founded Vidoe Productions with peers Prince Aibangbe, Joe Jarvis, and Dylan Badgers in 2012, and their team has produced multiple music videos for local musicians, in addition to other work.

Imari has a variety of experiences doing arts-related work. He has worked at the Grossman Gallery as a gallery assistant, in addition to working the computer/printing lab at SMFA. In the summer of 2012, Imari worked as a stage manager on the set of a Melodeego music video shoot, under the direction of Ron Sperling.


Boston MA United States


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