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About Taylor Anne Lindsey

I was born and raised in Texas until my family moved to Tennesse where I am currently living. I live with my mom, dad, sister, my beta fiah (Spikey Steve the 3rd), and 4 cats: Sally Wally Dingleberry, The Puemy Puem of the poisines fumes, Folopian Flopazoid, and Pyab. And yes, I named all these cats myself. Ok, well this isn't really a bio but seriously I need some privacy with out exposing my awesome life on the internet. But if you want ro know anything else about me, just ask!


Web deaigner/Movie Producer/Script Writer/Photographer/Photo Editor


Lebanon TN United States


I am very fascinated in the arts of Web design. I own my own blog in which I'm posting new content daily. Where ever I go I always seem to have a camera by my side. I love to make small videos/movies/plays the cast by my friwnds and family. I write most of the scripts I use for my movies myself. Sometimes my good friend Chapel Bell helps me. I am very musical. I am have been playing piano for 6 years. I am also in band where I play clarinet.


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