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About Matthew Rafferty

After graduating Villanova University with a degree in Economics, I moved to Chicago and studied film at Chicago Filmmakers. I wrote directed and produced my first film ONE BAD MICE-Winner Best Teen Pick Bare Bones Film Festival.

The film is available to view on, or I can mail you a DVD copy. The trailer is on under ONE BAD MICE TRAILER and I have 2 songs from the film under ONE BAD MICE MUSIC.

ONE BAD MICE was made for $50,000 in 21 days.

Then I concentrated on writing and had some success with HELLSTER Inc-semi finals in the EXTREME SCREENWRITING CONTEST 2007 & quarter finals of the STORY PROS screenwriting contest 2008 under ACTION.

Then another success with DRIFTWOOD, it made the first round in the Filmmakers International Screenwriting contest 2008.
Below are more log lines for scripts I have written.

To Hell-a horror adventure about two priests and a group of death row inmates that must go to hell and retrieve the Cup of Christ, which was stolen from the Vatican by demons.
They must battle their own inner demons if they want to succeed as they travel through a version of Dante’s Hell.

Checkout my video pitch for To Hell on just search for PITCH FOR TO HELL.

DRIFTWOOD- a drama set in the 1930’s. A stranger washes up on the shores of a small town and plans to take over. No one realizes that he is a psychiatric patient that thinks he is Napoleon till it is too late.

Who Farted-a romantic comedy about a poor boy that makes it big in the novelty toy industry while trying to find true love. The problem is he falls in love with a beautiful woman that just wants his money. She betrays him to a competitor then tries to win him back.

El Graves-a low budget romantic comedy with an ethnic cast about an over the hill Mexican actor, El Graves, who helps a young unromantic man, Tom, rekindle his relationship with his girl friend. The situation takes a turn for the worst when El Graves gets replaced on his local TV show by a younger, sexier man, Son of El Graves. Then Tom’s girl friend, Betty, starts to fall in love with the younger, sexier actor.

3 Bad Mice-a low budget drama about three loners from different parts of the country. They find out that the mob is holding three hundred million dollars in a small bank in Kansas City over the weekend. They decide to join forces and rob it, except there is no money but three rare religious coins worth one hundred million each. Now they must not only battle the mobsters and local police, who are on the same side but the wrath of God.

Hellster Inc-a low budget horror about an underground society of cannibals that has existed for over three hundred years. Mr. Hellster, who has captured fifteen-year-old Romeo Washington’s older brother, runs them. Romeo joins forces with a tough thirteen-year-old girl to save his brother and bring down their society.

Junior Ghost Chasers-Is a comedy about a group of ten year old orphan boys who defend their home against robbers dressed as ghosts that are after the secret treasure hidden in their basement.

Shot Burnt & Buried Again – A teenager’s revenge against those that tormented him begins after his suicide.




La Grange Park IL United States


Filmmaking and writing

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