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About Eric Robert Eastman


Project List:

Comedy/Drama ~
Lion In Winter - 1994 - NTG (Nashua Theater Guild) - "eldest Plantagenet son, Prince Richard"
Toward Zero - 1995 - NTG - "Police Chief"
A Streetcar Named Desire - 1996 - NTG - "Stanley Kowalski"
Fool for Love - 1998 - NTG - "Eddie"
The Bad Seed - 1999 - NTG - "The English Professor"
The Senator Wore Pantyhose - 2000 - NTG - "Tony Pinella"
Arsenic and Old Lace - 2000 - NTG - "Johnathan"
GOD - 2002 - NTG entry for NH Theater Competition - "The Exasperated Director"
Christmas Stories - 2004/2005 - NTG – "Clark, the magnanimous father"
Night of the Living Dead (original staged production) - 2005 - Ghostlight Theater - "Tom"
The Deadly Briefcase - 2006-'07 - NTG Murder Mystery Series - "Bruce (James) Bond"
Of Mice and Men - 2007 - Majestic Theater (Manch., N.H.) - " Boss (of the Ranch)"
Harry Potter Night - release of Book #7 - July, '07 - the extemporaneous role of "Sirius Black"
Nashua Theater Guild (in cooperation w/ Barnes & Nobles Bookstores of New England)
The Rainmaker - 2008 -Bedford Off Broadway, Bedford, N.H.- "Bill Starbuck, The Rainmaker"
Christmas Stories – December, 2008 - Tyngsboro, Mass. - "Clark, the magnanimous father"(by Dr. Tom Anastasi; winner Best Original Play/Musical, NHTheater Awards, 2005)

Shakespeare Summer series ~
Twelfth Night - 1998 - NTG - "The Sea Captain Antonio"
Romeo & Juliet - 1999 - NTG - "The Prince of Verona"
All's Well That Ends Well - 2000 - NTG - "Lavatch the Clown"
Macbeth - 2001 - NTG - "Banquo"
Love's Labours Lost - 2006 - NTG - "Don Adriano de Armado"
Much Ado About Nothing - 2007- NTG - "Don John the Bastard"

Stage Musicals ~
Follies - 1995 - Actorsingers, Nashua, N.H. - "Young Benjamin"
Sound of Music - 1997 - Actorsingers, Nashua, N.H. - "Cpt.Georg Von Trapp"
Phantom - 1999 - Actorsingers, Nashua, N.H. - "Young Phantom"
Boomers - 2004 - Actorsingers, Nashua, N.H. - "Lance Hoover"
Pirates of Penzance - 2007 - The Acting Loft, Manchester, N.H. - "The Pirate King"

Review ~

Boston's Jewish Community Day School
From the June 15th, 2007 newsletter edition:
(page 7):
A hearty thank you from the Tamar class to Eric Eastman, the actor who brought joy, understanding of theater, and quality of acting to us. His time and most valuable assistance were much appreciated.
(page 20):
Eric Eastman, actor from Nashua, NH, visited the Tamar class on June 4. After delighting them with his wonderful impersonations, he brought to life the true meaning of theater. Then he worked with each group to refine challenging segments of their self-written plays about ancient Israel. The students brought home glowing reports and laughter from the joyous experience.
(photos of the event are viewable at: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Film, completed ~

BRIDGE CRUSADER (feature) - 2008 - A Production of & Unfolding Story Pictures/ of Denver, Colorado
Roles: "Eric, The Bridge Crusader, circa 1970's" / "Sir Eric, A Scottish Knight, circa 1190's" [] / []
BATMAN - The Final Victory (feature) - 2007 - Robert Young Productions; Boston, Mass.
Role: "Batman Body/Stunt Double" (
Fog Off (short) - 2007 - Midnight Chimes Productions/ Film Productions; Boston, Mass.
Roles: "various predatory men, badly in need of being 'Fogged-Off'"
Spiked Punch (short) - 2007 - Nick DiRamio Prod.; Nashua, N.H. - Role: "Predator/Collector"
My Beautiful Annabell Lee (short) - 2007- Lily Hallett Production; Concord, N.H. - Role: "Annabell's Dad"
Tears of the Blind (short) - 2007 - Zachary Krowiak Productions; Manchester-By-The-Sea, Mass. - Role: "Corrupt Prison Guard"

Film, in Production ~

Business As Usual (short) - 2009 - Emerson College National Broadcasting Society, Boston, MA
Role: "Mr.Clark", the irascible boss of a struggling advertising firm
LUKE 11 (feature) - 2009 - On Cue Video Productions, Lakeville, MA - Bryan W. Stewart, Director
Role: "Jesus", on camera and Voice-Over dialogue /
The Suitcase (feature) - 2009 - Wonderdog Entertainment & Open Heart Cinema Production
Role: Off-Camera V.O., PromotionalTrailer / / Written/Directed by David Garfield
The Lament (feature) - 2009 - A Turmoil Films & Baker Street Productions, Arlington, MA
Role: "Zitto, the killer pimp" / / Written/Directed by Christopher D. Grace

Review ~

The Nashua. NH Telegraph - Sunday, December 9, 2007
"Indie film shoots for success in Granite State"
By PETER JENNINGS Telegraph Staff

"When people think of feature-length films, New Hampshire is not normally a state that jumps into the mind shortly thereafter. Eric Eastman, of Nashua, however, believes that there is no reason the film culture in New Hampshire and primarily New England won't soon be recognized on a larger scale. "Lot's of people want something other than the Hollywood formulaic movies. Big studio films compromise their artistic edge because they have to please investors," said Eastman.

"The film culture in the area is increasing, and I think it's all symptomatic of the ever-growing popularity of New England right now," said Eastman, a 20-year veteran of the performing stage. "There is a lot of uniqueness to the area. Soon, the creative contributions of New England will be as recognizable as its sports teams."

Eastman is the lead actor and co-producer in the independent feature film "Bridge Crusader," which was entirely shot in New Hampshire and wrapped up filming in November. "This film has a lot to do with belief that a soul never dies, it just gets another turn at bat," said Eastman, who makes his film debut with this piece.
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Web Marketing/E-commerce consultant, Voice Personality, Actor/Singer


Nashua NH United States


Steadfast commitment in family leadership & nurturance, Sobriety & keenness of mind, Gleeful abandon in play, Headlong leap of passion & into whatever character role one happens to be embodying at the time. Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Mtn. Biking, Hiking, Camping, Singing, Dancing, & brilliant romancing.


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