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About Robert J. La Trémouille

Telephone: 617-283-7649 / 617-491-7181; E-mail:

Recorded – General:

February 2011:
My Command. Katherine Tedesco, director, Auditorium Building, RI School of Design, Providence, RI.
Television interviewer questioning female school bus driver with family problems.

December 2010:
Louder Than Words. Riya Limaye, director, MIT working space, Cambridge, MA
Scientist providing robot to disabled little girl against his better wishes, Science Fiction.

May 2010 release, April, February 2010 production:
Under the Influence, Katherine Peña, Dir., Sound Studio & Woods Gerry Gal., RI Sch. Arts & Design, Providence, RI.
Family counselor/clinical psychologist advising concerning daughter’s coming of age. Sample: [see also voiceovers]

April 2010 release, February 2010 production:
Crush, Jason Estie, Director, Wellington Station Garage, Medford, MA.
Scared debtor paying off hood with empty briefcase, posted at

February 2010 release, April 2009 Production:
The Rich and the Poor are Naked, Goose and Gander Media LLC, Produced at in town Wrentham, MA mansion.
Cyrus, friendly landlord to protagonist couple who have a complicated relationship. British accent. Two days. Sample at:

February 2010:
Grey Murmur, Matt Brodie, Director, Condo, Medford, MA.
Father demanding rent from daughter.

October 2009 release, November 2008 production:
Drive-In HorrorShow: Fall Apart, Grim Films, LLC, Produced in farmhouse at Powisset Farm, Dover, MA.
Henry Weaver, being treated for flesh-eating disease. Posted at:

October 2009 showing, February 2009 production:
Delivery – Winter, 1248 Productions, Produced in Quincy, MA residence.
Duncan, older war veteran, sickly, receiving controversial delivery, extreme mood shifts, semi-serious singing sequence. Principal in one of four shorts with framing story, light hearted, violence. Trailer at

July – August 2009:
Conned. Eyethfilms LLC / Conned LLC, Produced in Post Office Square Law Office, Boston, MA.
District Attorney (lead of three attorneys) interviewing cooperating witness in caper film, two days.

June 2009 Production:
Homesick. Director Bill Dempsey, Springhouse Assisted Living, Jamaica Plain, MA.
Executive director of assisted living facility advising protagonist to place his father in a Nursing Home.

April 2009:
Envelopes, Joe Ahern, Director, Produced at Pub, Downtown Waltham, MA.
Man approaching lead, giving him a beneficial envelope, carrying several. Gets mugged.

April 2009:
Artemis Burning, Deerfield Productions. Produced in lecture hall at Boston College.
Physics instructor expounding on the morals of the Universe. Solo in series of topic related character analyses. Posted:

July 2008:
Clowns with Spatulas, Joe Ahern, Director. Produced at Arlington Catholic High School, Arlington, MA.
Mr. Goldwater, school principal / disciplinarian in a solo sequence in boy band story.

May 2008:
Aerodynamics, Lost Jockey Productions / Theodore Cormey. ImprovBoston Theatre, Central Sq., Cambridge, MA.
Hubert Grale, former senator, as part of a TV panel analysis / explanatory sequence for story about living puppet being called on to save the Earth. Short clip at, time: 1:53.

May 2008:
Dancer, Hundred Feet of Film / Paul N. Avakian. Shot in office in Wellesley, MA and on dance floor in Allston, MA.
Doctor advising wife of a man with Asperger’s Syndrome going through crisis. Audience in dance sequence.

April 2008:
Three Blind Mice, Jacqueline Perez Director. Shot in Allston, MA residence.
Father killed in attack on home; teen daughter retaliates. See at

December 2007 production:
Primal Fear: Buried Alive, Northern Light Productions for History Channel. Union Sq, Somerville, MA funeral home.
Lead mourner in wake for individual about to be buried who is, unknowingly, still alive.

March 2007:
The Evicted, Gancho Grande Productions / Tim Linehan.
One person video. Evicted person wanders, gets even. Shot on location in Boston’s Back Bay, Public Gardens, Boston Common, and Downtown Crossing. Available on line at

Recorded – Commercials:

March 2011:
A Dynamite Commercial, Ben Berman, Director. McKinlock Hall, Leverett House, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA.
Pitchman in mock commercial selling diamonds as investment.

March 2011:
The Locker Room Snatch, Web Commercial, Method Loft. Locker Room, Turner Hill Golf Course, Ipswich, MA
Farce. One of four golfers communing after a round of golf.

October 2010:
Office Procedures Web Commercial, Minimax Consulting Group. Shot in office at 1 Financial Plaza, Providence, RI.
Computer Operator, various closeups.

September 2010 release, August 2010 Production:
Café Escadrille Commercial, Café Escadrille, Inc. Shot at Café Escadrille, Burlington, MA.
Restaurant / lounge patron, with female companion. Internet and Comcast Cable, Burlington MA area release.

April 2010:
National Party Political Television Commercial, Boston Productions, Inc., Studio, Norwood, MA.
Solo close-ups (one of two figures) showing unfavorable reaction to behavior of candidate.

September 2009:
New England Patriots VISA Commercial, Team Services. Shot on various parts of the Boston Common.
Background: Series of choreographed crowd scenes showing Patriots fans to interest in Patriots VISA card.

February 2009 Production:
d-CON Commercial, Schneider Associates. Shot in Ashland, MA residence.
Gentleman living with young son in suburbs sees signs of rodent activity in kitchen, uses product to take care of it.

August 2007:
In house commercial for Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA.
Background extra, Two scenes at theatre, played person standing near head of line in ticket line during ticket purchase and was member of audience during seating of customer.

1989: WBZ-TV, Boston. Station advertisement featuring mock office. Office Worker, background.

Theater / Participatory Theater:

July 2010:
Discoteca Sexadelica, Beat Train Productions, Oberon Theatre, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.
M.C., Disco / Burlesque show, with a Legion of Decency approach. Boston Phoenix photo:

November 2009:
How to make a traditional Noripine centerpiece, Art Johnson, Sol Koffler Gal., R.I. Sch. Arts & Design, Providence, RI.
Performance art. One of pair of diners flanking clay artwork being created from the inside.

October 2009:
Paid straight man to comic, coming from audience, Middle East Restaurant, Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

October – November 2008, October 2007:
Spooky World, 2008: Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH, Professor Nightmare LLC; 2007: Bayside Exposition Center, Boston, MA, Boneyard Productions, LLC. (same company, different states).
Museum Curator of Monster Museum with direct improvisational audience contact, 6 hr shows
2008: sole performer in free standing but associated house on park grounds, 16 shows, greeter / tour guide;
2007: most visible of three performers on co-located site, 15 shows, greeter.

April 2008 Production:
I’m Getting Murdered in the Morning, Dinner Theatre, Weymouth Eagles, Weymouth, MA, RH Players.
Al P. Throckmorton, wedding guest murdered on stage, coming out of audience; one other part. Three shows.

Participatory Theater / Costumed Characters, direct audience contact:

September 2010:
Dummies Man: Financial Planning and Analysis Convention, InterContinental Hotel, Boston, MA. Clarity Systems.

August 2010:
Cookie Monster: Hasbro Convention, Mariott Providence, Providence RI. Hasbro Corp.

March 2008:
Easter Bunny: Walpole Mall, Walpole, MA, two Friday afternoons / evenings, four hours.

November to December 1989:
Santa Claus, Arsenal Mall, Watertown, MA.
Two or three eight hour shifts per week for six weeks. Santa, singing Christmas carols to children and audience.

Recorded – Voiceover:

May 2010 release, April, February 2010 production:
Under the Influence, Katherine Peña, Dir., Sound Studio & Woods Gerry Gal., RI Sch. Arts & Design, Providence, RI.
Voiceover framing, family counselor/clinical psychologist Samples: (intro, blank screen), (resolution).

April 2010 production and release:
The Anomaly, Mirror World Films, sound studio, Allston, MA.
Engineer narrating interstellar voyage, scientist/astronaut and computer have romance.

Recorded/Interactive – Industrial/Educational:

May 2010, May 2009, May 2008 Production (three seasons):
Boston Medical Center Chief Resident Immersion Training, Wequasset Resort and Golf Club, Harwich, Cape Cod, MA.
Interactive training, played patient with alcohol dependency problem for analysis by series of doctors.

January 2009 Production:
Ellsworth Case, Winter 2009 Negotiation Workshop, Professor Robert Mnookin, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.
Interactive law student training. Played company vice president consulting lawyers preparing for divorce negotiations.

August 2008 Production:
In House Training Film, Monitor Corporation, Cambridge, MA.
Corporate video, bank customer commenting about feelings on bank. Filmed in Lechmere section of Cambridge, MA.

July 2008 Production:
Conversations, 3 Lilies / The Daily Focus, Mike Lim Director. Magazine Beach on the Charles River, Cambridge, MA.
Conversations on the bank of river with other actors. Language educational presentations for Korean students.

June 2008:
Medical Errors Prevention: Six Steps to Improving Patient Safety, HC Pro, Inc. Youville Hospital, Cambridge, MA.
Patient in one of series of training videos showing how not to practice medicine. .

Television – Producer / Talent:

April 1995 to Present:
The Cambridge Environment, Host / producer. Cambridge Community Television, Central Sq., Cambridge, MA.
Half hour weekly live TV cable commentary on environment, significant use of computer / Internet / side cameras for demonstrations, easily 100 live guests interviewed using talking point scripts. Sample at

Pending Work::

Fall 2010 / Winter 2011:
Blur. 3PASTMIDNIGHT Films. Various locations, southeastern Massachusetts Films.
Support group member in continuing web series concerning a woman going blind.

Recorded – extra, talking role:

September 2010:
Interchange. Nesson Media. Brewed Awak’g Coffee Hs, La Boniche Rest., Lowell; Mass. Bay CC, Wellesley, MA.
English Training, 3 days, 5 scenes, angry theatergoer, dinner / coffee house patron, Professor consulting with student.

July 2010, September 2009:
The Clear, SE Entertainment, Former Police Station, Milford, NH. Woods, Brookline, NH.
Teen romance / werewolf story. 4 scenes, police officer managing one of the principals, encouraging him to behave. Manhunt participant using pistol in proper police positioning; killed by werewolf.

August 2007:
After School, Borderline Films / Talbert Twins, LLC, Pomfret Academy, Pomfret, CT.
Boarding School Film. Audience in meeting hall listening/talking to headmaster, 3 scenes.

August 2007:
Cubby Knowles, producer Garth Donovan. Needham, MA.
Tongue in Cheek, entertainment industry. Played mourner in group, expressed my loss and that of my dog for deceased.

Recorded – extra:

April 2008 web teaser release, March 2008 production:
A Close Shave. Mutressa Movies, LLC. Shot in Andrew Square, South Boston, MA.
Family crisis story. Shopkeeper talking to male lead.

July 2007:
Douglas the Movie, Dream Productions. Produced in office suite near Quincy, MA T Station.
2 scenes, coworker to lead (hallway scene, cake presentation), learning disorder person involved in a murder.

Recorded – extra, background:


Union: One Taft-Hartley SAG exemption, The Invention of Lying, October 2009 release, May 2008 production.

Related Fields and Skills:

Languages: Experienced and Comfortable with British accent.
Weapon Use Experienced and Comfortable properly handling pistol in police action; army training in rifle.
Precision Driving: Experienced and Comfortable.
Staged Assault Experienced, both ends of knife attacks, died in dinner theater of gunshot wound, werewolf victim.
Teleprompter: Comfortable with use.
Green Screen: Comfortable with use.
Public Speaking: Excellent, in person and on camera.
Environmental: Defending Charles River, its water, animals, trees and vegetation. Major zoning victories.
Sports: Good to Excellent Pool Player. Minimally advanced Table Tennis. High School band, trumpet, four years. High School YMCA basketball. Peripatetic weight lifter. Fan of Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots.
Professional: Practicing attorney, property emphasis.
Railroad: Two years Railroad experience with significant on the ground exposure.
Government: Seven years experience as negotiator/administrator in high tech government purchase and sales.
Collectables: Comic book expertise, DC very good, familiar with Marvel, some independents, dealing experience.
Crew: Director (above); Camera – Studio, location, stills; Boom / Audio; Costuming.
Photography: Experienced as an amateur and professional. Own non-professional digital and analog cameras.
Video: Limited editing experience.
Computer Skills: High.
Administrative: Highly experienced.
Medical: Significant and broad administrative experience including major hospital specialty work.
Police: Year study of consultant review of Cambridge, MA Police Department.
Military: U.S. Army, three years, Honorable Discharge. Primarily clerk-typist, Armored Cavalry in Germany, functioned as Battalion Training NCO. Qualified on military rifle use.
Car: 1998 Dark Blue Saturn sedan.


College: J.D., Boston University.
B.A. Cum Laude, UMass – Amherst
Evening Business Courses, Harvard University Extension.
High School: Diploma, College Preparatory, Brockton (MA) High School.


Single, Veteran, excellent health, born Cambridge, MA; raised S.E. Massachusetts. Enjoy community activity, environmentalism, transportation planning, art, photography, the beach, sightseeing, bicycling, animals.

Mailing Address: 875 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 31, Cambridge, MA 02139-3070.

December 2010




Cambridge MA United States


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