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Local Film Tweets

Independent Film/Video Project

2D animator/title design artist wanted to create opening for feature film

(Union & Non-Union)

Experienced 2D animator with title design experience wanted to create opening credits for independent feature film.
Please submit demo reel with samples of animation work done. Thank you.

Contact Details: Bob

Zombies needed this weekend

(Non-Union Only)

Sai-Con Productions is casting 5 extra roles to play zombies this weekend in New Bedford MA. Shooting takes place on Saturday. Special FX makeup will be applied, so please notify if you have an allergy. Serious inquiries only.

Contact Details: Cheryl LaPan Sai-Con Productions

"Featurette" Dancing Business

(Non-Union Only)

This project is a Romantic Scene featurette Produced by PeteMEDIA, ONLY needed for filming on Sunday 8/31 in CT (exact location to be determined)- If you're interested, email me at
Romantic Date Scene
- Role: TESS - Female - Mid 20s - Mid 30s, any Ethnicity - Fit body type, sex appeal, wealthy and self sufficient woman, going on a dating affair with a CEO of a major corporation.
- Role: BLAKE WILSON - Male - Early 30s - Mid 30s, Fit body type, African American (Mid to dark complexion), CEO of Major cooperation, good looking and well spoken, No visible tattoos

Contact Details: Pete, PeteMEDIA Production Website
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CALL FOR EXTRAS! PSA video shoot tackling teenage suicide, need everyone mid 20s and up.

(Union & Non-Union)

The Emerson College BFA capstone project “Talk With Me” is looking for extras for the date of October 4th! We’ll be shooting on the Emerson soundstage and will only be a few hours' commitment. Exact times are TBD. We're shooting for 20 total extras!
“Talk With Me” is a series of stylized PSA videos raising awareness of teenage suicide. We’re looking for extras for one of these videos.
Extras should be (or look like) in their mid 20s or older; you’ll be playing crew members on a studio TV set. Email if you’re interested or have questions!

Contact Details: Haley Lannon - Producer SPE Productions LLC


(Union & Non-Union)

In need of an editor for a full feature film. Will receive IMDB credit for compensation. Need an editor to revise a rough edit.

Contact Details: Oracle International Films

Casting Call: Charlie & Poppy (short film)

(Union & Non-Union)

Over the span of 20 years, a boy (Charlie) and his grandfather (Poppy) enjoy simple yet magical moments on a train station platform, creating a bond that extends to the next generation.
We're holding auditions for Charlie at three different ages and Noah, Charlie’s son. Filming will take place Oct 31 – Nov 2 in North Conway, NH. Actors will only need to be on set for one of the shoot dates and must be able to travel to location. Auditions to be held Sept 13 in Fitchburg, MA. Please email with resume and headshot.

Contact Details: Website
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Extras needed for this Saturday!!!!

(Non-Union Only)

Extras needed for this Saturday. We will be filming at a diner in Gardner, MA. Call time is 2pm. It's non-paid but you will get an IMDB credit and a chance to work with a laid back experience cast & crew. Please send a head shot.

Contact Details: Chris Creepy Kid Productions Website

Casting Call (part 2): short film Enough to be Dangerous

(Union & Non-Union)

Filming in Sept.
A young Russian drug dealer who sells pills to Herbert. Tall broad build.
Big build, Athletic or bulky.
Asian men with athletic builds.

Contact Details: Sam Vanivray Subterfugue Films Website

Casting Call: short film Enough to be Dangerous

(Non-Union Only)

Filming in September.
Kay is the femme fatale who hires a P.I. named Herbert to investigate a murder she has committed. She is a neurosurgeon and is certain that someone has sabotaged her medical equipment, which has lead to the murder of her patient. KAY is a sharp-witted woman, with a tongue as quick as a whip. She’s not afraid of kicking someone’s butt. She’s a tough, yet graceful woman. Her appearance is a flash from the past. She looks like the silver screen sirens of the noir genre.

Contact Details: Sam Vanivray ( Subterfugue Films Website
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Casting Call for "The Owl" by Bestselling Author Jeremy Robinson

(Non-Union Only)

Full-length casting call with character descriptions at:
Virtual Auditions: Accepted between August 12 and Sept 6.
In Person Auditions (Portsmouth NH): September 6
Call Backs (in person, Portsmouth NH): September 13
Shooting Starts: October 17 (NH)
Shooting Ends: October 19
Virtual Audition Guidelines:
Choose an audition script. Pay attention to genre and the character you are auditioning for. You can use something original or something already produced. If already produced, make it your own. Don’t try to duplicate.

Contact Details: Jeremy Robinson & Kenneth Dodge E-mail: & (CC both addresses) Breakneck Media & Redcove Productions Website
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Seeking male actors for short film

(Non-Union Only)

This British short film will be shot Saturday, September 27 in the Hartford/Windsor CT area.
A story about a married woman. Analy, who is talking to her psychiatrist about issues she is having in her marriage, while secretly living with a sex addiction.
Think 50 Shades of Grey meets Zane's Addiction.
All the info, roles for the film can be found on the link below.

Contact Details: Ali Robins Website

Seeking Sound Mixer

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a sound mixer for a film shoot taking place in the Hartford/Windsor area Saturday, September 27, 2014.
The film is entitled "ANALY".
Think 50 Shades of Grey meets Zane's Addiction.
You would be operating sound equipment that will be supplied by the DP on set. You wouldn't be needed all day but you will be needed between the hours of 9am - 9pm.
You would be given food, credit and copy of the film.
This is a non paid gig.
If interested, email Ali, putting "sound mixer" in the subject line.
Please send samples of your work in order to be considered.

Contact Details: Ali Robins

Seeking 2nd Camera Operator

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a 2nd camera operator for a film shoot taking place in the Hartford/Windsor area Saturday, September 27, 2014.
The film is entitled, "ANALY".
Think 50 Shades of Grey meets Zane's Addiction.
You would be operating a camera (Canon 7D or other Canons) that will be supplied by the DP on set. You wouldn't be needed all day but you will be needed between the hours of 9am - 9pm.
You would be given food, credit and copy of the film.
This is a non paid gig.
If interested, email Ali, putting "2nd camera" in the subject line.
Please send samples of your work in order to be considered.

Contact Details: Ali Robins

Auditions for MetroWest Movies

(Non-Union Only)

We will be holding auditions for the short film "Lost Lives".
Date: Thurs, 8/21/14
Time: 6:15 PM - 8:30 PM
Morse Library
Community Room (in basement)
14 E Central St, Natick, MA
Parking around building and across street
Please follow this link to schedule your audition:
Please arrive early to get familiar with the script sides.
This is a casting call for the short film "Lost Lives" It is a bittersweet love story about lost, then found opportunity.

Contact Details: Alan MetroWest Movies Website
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Shoot the Moon Films - Seeking 3 Women and 1 Man for Commercial Shoot (CT)

(Non-Union Only)

Shoot the Moon Films is currently seeking 4 individuals (3 women and 1 man), for a commercial shoot THIS Wednesday afternoon near Plainfield, CT.
If you are interested and available between 3-9PM this Wednesday (the 20th), please send a head shot and resume to: to be considered - Thanks so much!
This is a NON-UNION and UNPAID project, but actors will receive a copy of the finished video.

Contact Details: Curtis - < Shoot the Moon Films > 508-864-9295

Writer / Actress looking for a producer and director

(Union Only)

Hello! I have several screenplays and sketches that I would like to film. One is a spoof of Beats headphones that would be very straight forward and simple. I also have two feature length scripts, one a sci-fi and the other a rom-com that would be good to film next summer on Cape Cod. I also have a web series that I started to produce while in NYC but that had to be put on hold. I would love to get a team together up here and get some of these projects off the ground.

Contact Details: Website

Casting call for Music Video (multiple roles)

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting Call for Music Video
Music video shooting in Hartford, Connecticut seeks actors for non-speaking roles.
Pay is $100/day
Male, ages 24-30
Male #2, ages 35-45
Female, ages 6-12
A father/son team would be a perfect candidate for the two male roles.
These are non-speaking roles.

Contact Details: Michael DeFilio Lefty Scissors Productions Website

CASTING CALL: African-American Male Actor

(Non-Union Only)

"Fairfied Follies" is an ensemble comedy about a cast of characters attempting to put on an inclusive, politically-correct holiday pageant. It is a satirical, politically-incorrect romp.
Casting for the following role:
LEON- 30-45, African American
skinny, shifty-eyed, angry, a ghetto persona with a bass voice range.
I will be accepting video auditions through August 31, 2014. This is an UNPAID, NON-UNION opportunity. Food and IMDB credit will be provided, as well as a great experience working with a professional and fun cast & crew.

Contact Details: Laura Pepper Peppered Productions Website
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GAU Studios Looking for Female Hosts for Weekly Web Series

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for a female host between the ages of 18-30 for a Gaming News/Previews, Reviews show & website. Hosting Weekly content, Must be able naturally read off of teleprompter. Someone who is energetic, bright and passionate. Does not have to be an extreme gamer but must be willing to learn and play. This is not a paid position but leads to building your portfolio by being in weekly content, lots of con vists, free swag & tons of gaming. If interested, please send Head Shot & Portfolio to email provided.

Contact Details: Head of Film, Frank Duran. GAU Studios Website

One Part Remaining

(Non-Union Only)

There is one part that I did not cast yesterday from my auditions for my radio theatre piece "Strange Fruit," that of Abel Meeropol, caucasian New Yorker in his late 30's. To learn more about Abel and about the story, go to Please let me know asap if you would like to read for this part.
You must be free August 24 to record.

Contact Details: Steve Provizer

Casting Call for short film

(Union & Non-Union)

We are casting for our upcoming short film "Forrest of the Dolls". It will be a one day shoot on Saturday or Sunday in October. It will most likely be shot entirely in Northborough, MA
This is a silent short film (5-10 minutes), so there are obviously no speaking parts. Here are the roles we're casting:
1) Savannah (mid 20s - mid 30s)
2) Jake (mid 20s - mid 30s)
3) Melanie (16-24 years old)
4) Sam (male - 16-24 years old)
5) Katie (8-10 years old)

Contact Details: Jason Whittier 7742679024
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Commercial Shoot in Madison, CT -- PARENT, 30-45 & CHILD, 6-8 ($125)

(Non-Union Only)

An independent production is creating a 60-second video as part of a campaign for a feature length film currently in post. It will feature a mother, father and child at a kitchen table, working on a very strange homework assignment.
We're looking for an attractive 'cereal commercial' family, with some improv skills and great comedic timing:
THE FATHER, 35-45, just home from work, great mood, somehow no stubble
THE MOTHER, 30-45, seemingly always busy cleaning a spotless house
THE DAUGHTER: 6-8, impossibly cute and precocious. Prone to talking back.

Contact Details: Thom Independent
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CASTING CALL: 1 Woman and 2 Men for Short Film Fantasy/Comedy

(Non-Union Only)

Transparent Frog Films is looking to fill key rolls for its upcoming Fantasy Film-Noir Comedy, A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town, filming late September in the Boston area.
Fortune Teller-
Woman 29-55
A back alley fortune teller who may or may not be able to tell a person's fortune.
Must be able to do a Russian/Ukranian/Gypsy accent (can be poorly) and a convincing New York or Boston accent.
Male 22-45
A demon from the darkest pits of hell who doesn't always get the right soul.
Must be comfortable spending the entire day in heavy prosthetics and/or makeup.
Shadow Man

Contact Details: Transparent Frog Films
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DP for short film

(Union & Non-Union)

I am seeking a DP for a short film entitled "Forrest of the Dolls" (working title). It will be a 1-2 day shoot this October (on a Saturday or Sunday), most likely filmed in Northborough, MA. This is a paid position. DP must have their own camera package, and other equipment would be preferable.

Contact Details: Jason Whittier Burning Torch Productions Website
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Background 8/17: Males/Females Ages 13-17, Teen Friends

(Non-Union Only)

We need male/female teens (ages 13-17) to play background on Sunday, August 17th from 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM in BARRINGTON, RHODE ISLAND. Non-Union Only. Unpaid. Actors will play teen friends to principal actors. Outdoor shoot. (If you have done background before, this is 2014 only.) Please send headshot and resume.

Contact Details: AP Casting Angelwood Pictures Website

Feature Film "Seeds" Seeking Interns

(Non-Union Only)

The upcoming feature film "Seeds" is seeking interns to begin immediately. The film will be shooting in September and October, with pre-production taking place now in Rhode Island. Intern positions are volunteer only, but will be a great learning experience and a chance to make some useful connections for the right candidates.
"Seeds" - "The Shining" meets "Lolita" - is a story of monsters and temptation.
All interested, please email with resume.

Contact Details: Ambrosino/Delmenico

Want a Non-Speaking Role in a Feature Grindhouse Film?

(Non-Union Only)

Contact us to appear in a non-speaking role in an exploitation/grindhouse feature film!

Contact Details: Dave Ungovernable Films Website

DRACULA..... Gender Swapped

(Non-Union Only)

DRACULA its been done many ways and this time I want to reverse the genders and change it up a bit. This movie would be played for seriousness NOT for laughs. Dracula Van Hellsing, Harker, Morris, Renfield would be Female and etc etc.
A joke or two here is fine but I would like to take a serious take on this.
I am only looking for the WOMAN who would play Dracula right now, nothing more.
This would then allow photographs of the actress to be taken to be used in a kick starter campaign, that way most of the cast and crew could be PAID for their time.

Contact Details: David 11 Car Pile up Productions
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Call for Actors

(Non-Union Only)

CALL FOR ACTORS (CT/MA): Shoot the Moon Films is currently seeking actors of all types for a brief memorial scene on Saturday, August 16th. This scene is part of a feature film called, "Searching for the Perfect Meatball", and will take place in East Woodstock, CT between 9AM and 12PM.
Please send a head shot, recent photo, and/or resume to in order to be considered. This is a NON-UNION and NON-PAID opportunity, and all actors that are selected will need to wear funeral attire. Thanks!

Contact Details: Curtis Reid Shoot the Moon Films

Seeking Extras for an Independent Feature

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking extras to play wedding guests and caterers for independent feature "The First of Our Friends to Get Married". All ages/types/ethnicities. Please submit photo, contact info and availability for night shoots between August 18-26th. Applicants need not be available for all of the dates.

Contact Details: Julia Kennelly Wolf + Warmonger Productions