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Local Film Tweets

Independent Film/Video Project

Feature Horror Film Seeks Cast and Crew

(Union & Non-Union)

American Horror Films Productions, seeking multiple cast and crew members to join for filming this spring on their feature film "Hollow Children".
Seeking to fill the following roles-
Grandmother character (60-75) (Female)
1940's Housewife (35-45) (Female)
Priest (25-50) (Male or Female)
Police Officer (40-50) (Male or Female)
Phillip (25-30) (Male)
Email your resumes/head shots to Stephen Marchessault at Subject line put what role you are seeking. Rates will be discussed after casting.

Contact Details: Stephen Marchessault (Casting) Mark Patrylak (Crew) American Horror Films Productions LLC. Website
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Music Video Looking For Male Lead and Extras

(Union & Non-Union)

Music video for prominent CT band looking to cast Male lead and extras for music video. Shooting in and around New Haven on 3/13, 3/14, 3/22.
A Young woman struggles with temptation after a chance meeting with a handsome stranger.
Male Lead: Mid 20’s, Handsome
Club Scene Extras: Males and Females 21-40 age range.
Please send headshot to:

Contact Details: David

URGENT: Makeup Artist Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

My makeup artist just got a paying gig so she unfortunately had to drop out. I realize this is incredibly short notice, but we need someone. This is a micro-budget indie "The fastest, most romantic love yet." It's about love and technology today. Email me at if you have any interest. Here's our schedule:
3/6: 6 AM to 3 PM at Blackthorne Publick House in Easton, MA
3/7: 6 AM to 3:30 PM at Blackthorne
3/9: 8 AM to 11 PM at Blackthorne
3/12: 11 AM to 9 PM at Zachary's Restaurant in Stoughton, MA
3/13: 9 AM to 10 PM at Zachary's

Contact Details: Shane Butler
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Passionate Crew Needed for Micro-Budget Feature

(Non-Union Only)

I am looking for passionate crew members for my micro-budget film "The fastest, most romantic love yet." I have a DP, sound mixer, and a makeup artist, but I need one or two more hands to help out on set. I looking for a like-minded person who shares my intense passion for film and embraces the indie film community mindset. This will not be an anonymous set. I love small crews where everyone becomes friends and then we all can hang out and help out on each other's movies. This will be a home-brewed film made with tender love and passion.

Contact Details: Shane Butler
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(Non-Union Only)

Looking for an illustrator and designer to help with the set design and construction of sets for a stop-motion animation short film.
You will be needed for 4 days of production in March. We are looking for someone as interested in animation as we are. A long resume is not required.
College students/interns and production assistants are also needed.
Please email Cory at

Contact Details: Cory JawDoc/ En Passant

Child actress needed for an independent film shooting in May!

(Non-Union Only)

Synopsis: A young, hard-edged country-mother stands at the forefront of a resourceful "last line of defense," against a mysterious group that defiled her home.
We're looking for a child actress (2-5 years old) to play the lead's daughter. The character is in one scene and would be needed for only a few hours. Please send me an email with a photo and acting reel (if available) of any work the child may have been apart of.

Contact Details: Michael Higgs - Director Eye To Scope Productions Website

Production Manager & Coordinator

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking an experienced PM / PC for a horror mini-series shooting in MA to start immediately.
Contact: for details.

Contact Details: Christine Academy Website

Casting Call for short film

(Non-Union Only)

Officially CASTING for my next short entitled "Letting Go", which is a drama about a man who has to come to grips with losing his wife to a battle with cancer. He recalls how he met his childhood sweetheart to the owner of a pawn shop.
Production will be in late May in Central Massachusetts (2 day shoot on a weekend). All roles will be paid. I am casting the following roles:
Middle Sarah (18-30)
Middle John (18-30)
Henry (40-60)
Young Sarah (9-12)
Young John (9-12)
Below is my reel from my first two shorts:

Contact Details: Burning Torch Productions
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DP wanted for new music video for Boston based band The Control

(Union & Non-Union)

The Control is filming a music video on MARCH 11th in New Bedford. It is a one day shoot and will most likely go about 10-12 hours depending on set ups.
If interested please send your reel! Thank you for your time

Contact Details: Kevin

VFX/After Effects assistance Needed for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

In need of a bit of assistance with VFX in After Effects for one short sequence for an upcoming short film. issue we need assistance with involves a bit of rotoscoping and some motion/camera tracking.

Contact Details: Dave

Looking for Director/Writer for 48 Film Fest!

(Non-Union Only)

I'm looking for a director or writer to team up with for the 48 film fest in Boston this year. Myself and my production partner would like to act as DP running camera/lights. We have all equipment needed. Looking for someone that can take the reign's on the film while we just focus on camera and shooting.

Contact Details: Travis W Website


(Non-Union Only)

Seeking BACKGROUND actors and actresses (ages 18+) for a production on March 15, 2015 in Portland, ME.
This is an exciting shoot to be a part of with a lot of energy and plenty of action sequences.
Submit your HEADSHOT, RESUME, and LINKS to previous works.
****NOTE: Only serious applicants please. This is not an adult film****

Contact Details:

Casting for Lead Roles in Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking actors for two lead roles in short film (see to learn more about the film).
MEREDITH - 20s to early 30s. She is intense, trying hard to save a broken relationship. Actress must be able to convey inner turmoil. Actress must be okay with smoking (either cigarettes or an herbal, legal equivalent).
JASON - 20s to early 30s. He is repeatedly unfaithful, but still has to come across as sympathetic at times. Actor must be okay appearing in boxers in one scene.
To apply, please send your headshot and resume to

Contact Details: Rebecca RebMadPictures Website
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Seeking LOCATION MANAGER for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking Location Manager for short film by RebMadPictures. 10 minute short drama. Locations we'd need are a bar, an apartment, a movie theater, and a convenience store.
Learn more about the film here:
There's a link to our kickstarter page there as well to learn even more.
We're shooting the last weekend in March and first two weekends of April.
Please email with your interest and rate.
Thank you!

Contact Details: Rebecca RebMadPictures Website

Seeking VFX/Post-Production Artist For Short Film And Beyond...

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking a VFX/Post-production artist to produce a short film (6 pages) based off an existing indie book publication. This is a pro-bono assignment as we'd like to use this as a demonstration of our capabilities. However, if the collaboration is enjoyable for both, we'd love to align with the selected candidate for paying/commercial work as we expand moving forward.

Contact Details: Jason Fenton Visually Sound Pictures LLC 781-439-8324 Website
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Seeing actors for voiceover

(Non-Union Only)

I'm getting started in animation. I would like to produce an animated movie; as a proof-of-concept I have some rough art I had an artist create for me. I've set these stills to music and sound effects.
I'd like to get a few actors to do some voiceovers for with the scene. This is a very short scene - 6/7 lines at most.
If I can get the emotion I want with the stills, the next step will be actually animating the scene, and then going forward with the rest of the movie.

Contact Details: Tim Morgan Geek with a Dream Productions Website
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PA needed

(Union & Non-Union)

Production assistant needed for this Friday, Feb 27th for a shoot in Lexington MA. Should have some experience in grip and lighting. Pay depends on experience. Please do not respond to this for non-related job inquiries. Thank you.

Contact Details: Andrew Black Kettle Films 310-433-2765 Website

Actress Needed

(Non-Union Only)

Scene Around Film Company is looking for an actress (late 20s) for a small speaking role in the short "School Reunion" shooting on Friday, March 13th in Hingham, MA - must be available during the day and have your own transportation. Please email headshot and resume and/or links to a clips or reel to

Contact Details: Stasia OBrien Scene Around Film Company Website

Gay/Religious themed Satire Musical-Film

(Non-Union Only)

Be part of this darkly funny gay film! - A Satirical comedy set in the 70's/80's about Billy Bobbyson's dive into
the sinful gay lifestyle- transforming him into Drag Queen; April Raign.
Gregory Fawn- Cute, mid 20's type guy- little chubby and shy persona but filled with hope.
Georgia Peech- Drag queen friend- 60's style high drag.
Izzy Hung- Dominatrix Style Drag Queen.
Flame Gay- Part of the Gay Agenda Society- spooky and evil!
Leather Gay- Also part of the G.A.S That converts those to the gayness.

Contact Details: Jim Baclagon Hysteria Pictures 603-937-7549 Website
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Open Call Audition for Women

(Non-Union Only)

The Women Only Project​ is Auditioning Women ages 1 to 101!
Bring your Headshot and Resume! And prepare a 2-3 minute monologue!
MARCH 7, 2015
12Noon - 4pm
at Amherst Media​
246 College Street
Amherst, MA 01002
These are Non-Union and Unpaid - Volunteer Only positions.
The "Women Only Project" was created by Counterfeit Cow Productions, to create equal opportunities for women in the film industry. The WOP, is just that: A film project written by, produced by, filmed by, and performed by ONLY WOMEN.
Filming will take place Mid April.

Contact Details: Women Only Project - Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC Website
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Meditative Gangster Film Casting

(Union & Non-Union)

David (early 30s): a methodical accountant who works for a drug organization, but takes pride in what he does. David cares deeply about his wife and daughter, and wants to provide for them at any cost. However, it is also extremely important to him that his family never finds out what he does for a living.
Lindsey (early 30s): David’s wife. Recently, Lindsey has been somewhat suspicious that something is amiss with David.
Hannah (8): David and Lindsey’s daughter.

Contact Details: Jim Lazor
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CASTING CALL -- Strawberries -- A Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

A casting call for an short film by Jack Siberine and Steven Arcieri. The casting call will be February 27th and March 2nd. The planned shoot dates are March 21st and 22nd.
For more info, contact Jack Siberine:
We're looking for experienced/dedicated actors: one male and one female, twenties to early thirties. The ethnicity/build of the character is not crucial to the story.

Contact Details: Jack Siberine Disconnect Pictures 973-525-3167
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Vampire Short

(Non-Union Only)

Casting two roles for an untitled Vampire short, which is an allegory on child abandonment and teenage isolation/depression.
Mason was made into a vampire a few years ago but his Maker, Robert, has been absent. Mason has had to make is way alone in the world and is barely getting by. Other than his nightshift job and occasional shabby victim he is isolated from everything. Robert returns only to tell Mason the two will most likely never see each other again. The two have it out, verbally.

Contact Details: Mike
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I'm Sorry

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm Sorry
log line: Parker wakes up to an unexpected text from his sister after a night of heavy partying. She desperately needs him to pick up her daughter from school, who he hasn’t seen in years.
Parker- Can play in there late 20's, college drop out, that does not have much to look forward to. He’s a low-key drug dealer and makes enough to get by and to party on the weekend. He is not very smart and a little goofy and sarcastic, like Badger from Breaking Bad. He’s a good person, but he hangs out with the wrong crowd.

Contact Details: Kyle Sidlik Housetrip Productions
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(Non-Union Only)

Looking for extras for music video for Air Traffic Controller music video "The House" being filmed this Saturday 2/28 @ 2PM in Sherborn, MA. Ages 15-30 please email We're looking to pack the place for a big band performance scene, so tell your friends! Will be a VERY fun and joyous shoot.
Listen to new single "The House" here -

Contact Details: Chris Randa Collie Woods


(Non-Union Only)

Looking for extras for music video for Air Traffic Controller music video "The House" being filmed this Saturday 2/28 @ 2PM in Sherborn, MA. Ages 15-30 please email We're looking to pack the place for a big band performance scene, so tell your friends! Will be a VERY fun and joyous shoot.
Listen to new single "The House" here -

Contact Details: Chris Randa Collie Woods

Costumes/Costume Designer Needed For Period Independent Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for someone to create or assist us in procuring costumes for a short film taking place during French & Indian Wars.
We recently completed our kickstarter for the short film, "Bloodyback," and need to take the next step forward in costuming our actors. We need up to 6 "A" costumes to be featured on our principal actors, as well as several "B" for the background/extras that do not have to be as intricate.
Please contact the producer, Jim DanDee, with your prior work experience, questions & for further information about pay and shooting dates.

Contact Details: Jim DanDee

Male Actor Needed for Voice Over

(Non-Union Only)

We're looking to cast a 20-40 year old non-union male to perform a short voiceover piece for an experimental documentary related to the prison system. A bilingual Spanish speaker is preferred, and evening availability this week (2/23-2/26) is required.

Contact Details: Alex
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Casting for Michael Mirabella's "Got To Sing" Music Video

(Non-Union Only)

In Michael Mirabella's new music video "Got to Sing," Adam is having trouble getting over a recent break up until his roommate convinces him to get out of the house. Adam does a good deed for a homeless man, which leads to a chain of good deeds that come full circle. The video is about spreading positivity and why people should live in the now.
Shoot Dates: April 10-12 and maybe April 18
Casting Calls will be happening in Emerson College's Piano Row in Campus Center 114 (150 Boylston St.)
Monday, March 2 from 6:00-8:00 PM

Contact Details: Kelly Budish
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Godfather the Mark

(Union & Non-Union)

“The Godfather- The Mark” Looking for 2 Female actors (Both parts are paid gigs) Because of location we can only shoot on a Monday. This is a one day shoot. We are setting aside 3 possible dates. 3/30, 4/6, or 4/20.
Age range for both characters are between 25 and 40.
“The Assassin” She is beautiful, sexy and deadly as they come. Right candidate will have some stage combat experience and can speak with Russian accent if possible but not mandatory.

Contact Details: John Depew Wild Beagle Productions Website
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