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Local Film Tweets

Independent Film/Video Project

Zombie Extras needed for theatre horde October 25 New Bedford MA

(Non-Union Only)

Sai-Con Productions is looking for several people interested in playing a zombie extra. Over the age of 18 is preffered. Actors should have the ability to animate the character, and be comfortable with exhaturated physical movements. October 25, in New Bedford MA. The shoot will take the majority of the day. Special FX makeup will be applied on set. Visit Facebook page ( Plaga Zombie American Invasion) or email directly for further details.

Contact Details: Cheryl LaPan Sai-Con Productions


(Non-Union Only)

Elsa - We prefer natural blonde or one willing to dye her hair.
Kristoff (will provide Sven's voice) - Blonde male
Hans - Brunette male
Live in the Boston area (or close/willing to travel almost weekly. If you are able to travel to this area it doesn’t matter where you live. If we can get a kickstarter we might be able to provide travel reimbursement).
Be over the age of 16 (or parental consent)
Preferably own some type of video camera/way to record.
Experienced with improv
Send a video audition to wefinisheachothersvlogs[at]

Contact Details: Website
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photogenic ticklish female wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking a pretty female who is ticklish. jet black hair preferred but optional.
You will have to RUN, FIGHT, (obviously, this means you must be young and healthy to undergo this) and get tickled, CRY and LAUGH.
will be filmed on a kick ass HD camera
Include age, height, photo of yourself and your barefeet for reference (size doesn't matter). Include availability and email address/phone number. If you have a video yourself screaming attach a link to that as well.

Contact Details: Al Website

Police Cruiser(s) needed for feature independent film.

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking to rent (or for free, screen credit) at least one police cruiser for an ultra Low budget feature film. Any make or model accepted.
Have your car featured in an independent film!
We would need the vehicle for atleast one day, maybe a couple if possible. Filming will be in mid November.
If you have or know someone who has one available please contact me.
You may find information about the production at
Thank you.
Jay Moore
Zombie Party Massacre

Contact Details: Jay Moore 3234523101 Website

Call for extras: Asian men for film "Enough to be Dangerous"

(Non-Union Only)

We're looking for a couple Asian men for non-speaking background roles. They are the bodyguards of a woman who runs a business making high-tech knockoffs.
They should look tough, yet stylish.
Must be available on Sunday (Sept 21) afternoon/night.

Contact Details: Sam Vanivray Subterfugue Films 617-470-4678 Website

EXTRAS needed for short film!

(Union & Non-Union)

Transparent Frog Films is looking for extras and featured extras for its upcoming short film "A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town." For scenes shooting Monday, September 29th in Waltham, MA. Exact times to be determined.
We need 10-15 people to fill a restaurant scene with people.
Featured extras include:
3 "Gangster/Wizards"
2 EMTs
1 Police Officer
Diners: we will probably need you for 4-6 hours.
Featured Extras, we will probably only need you for an hour or so.
Food will be provided.

Contact Details: Transparent Frog Films
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Seeking Featured and Background Roles ASAP (18+)

(Non-Union Only)

We're looking for featured roles and background performers ASAP for our feature film, which Principal Photography begins for next Friday, September 26th. You must have open availability from September 26th through October 17th, but particularly in October as many roles will be filming during that time. You will be called in for filming for a few days, at most.

Contact Details: Almost Midnight Film

Seeking Makeup Artist For Saturday Sep 20 In Westport, MA

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking Makeup Artist with kit for shoot this Saturday Sep 20 in Westport, MA aging two actors from 30s to 40s.
Lost Lullaby is a short indie film with a great cast and crew.

Contact Details: Marcia Goetsch Rosebud Studios Website

Casting actress for September 27 film shoot

(Non-Union Only)

The role is non-speaking.
She will be playing the secret lover of the married woman who talks to her psychiatrist about troubles in her marriage.
The actress needs to be sexy. She is in 2 very short scenes but they are very prominent to the story. She needs to have a sexy business outfit and lingerie.
The film shoot will be in Windsor Locks.

Contact Details: Ali Robins
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(Union & Non-Union)

Casting for Emerson College Short Film, "Dash".
Film Summary: When two neighborhood kids are murdered by the police, the community implodes and forces a young man to escape the harsh realities he’s learned to live with.
DASH, African American male, 18-23 years old. A young man, previously apathetic to the people around him, must come to see his reality for what it is.

Contact Details: Kelsey Barrett Emerson College
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Interior Location Needed, Single Man's Apartment

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for an interior location to be a character's apartment. The character is a single heterosexual male in his 30's. The place needs to be large enough to fit a crew of 13 and two actors comfortably. We need a kitchen, hallway and bedroom. There will also be an very well-trained dog in the scene, who will need to be in the apartment. We only need the place for one shoot day, and it will be in early November.

Contact Details: Jenna Sullivan
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Male Actor, 30's, Union/Non-Union, Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

"Ignis Fatuus" is a short film about a woman who is raped by her boyfriend while trying to break up with him, her confusion over how to deal with it and two men who can't comprehend unrequited feelings.
Looking for actor to portray Vic.
Vic - Male, mid 30s. Vic is a self-absorbed, well-groomed man, who is very conscientious about his physical shape. He is confident and knows what he likes.
Shooting will take place during early November. Vic will be needed for 3 days.

Contact Details: Gloria Clark

Writer needed

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a fellow screen writer with EXPERIENCE writing screen plays to help flesh out ideas for my Gender Swap Dracula movie we are launching a crowd funding campaign to make the movie. We made a short film recently, Dracula's Guest.
Looking for a writer with some great skills but a female co-writer to help flesh out the female characters a bit more and how they would act and body language and dialog would be wonderful.
We are launching the crowd funding campaign in time for the release of Dracula Untold.

Contact Details: David 11 Car Pile Up Productions Website
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Teen Suicide PSA is looking for more extras this Saturday in Boston area!

(Union & Non-Union)

The Emerson College BFA capstone project "Talk With Me" is looking for more extras for the date of Saturday, Sept. 20th! Exact times are TBD, but we'll be shooting at a school in the Boston area. We’re now aiming for 40 extras total! All ages welcome.
"Talk With Me" is a series of stylized PSA videos raising awareness of teenage suicide. We're looking for extras for one of these videos.

Contact Details: Haley Lannon SPE Productions LLC
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Short Film seeking "Conveience Store" and urban "Office Exterior" locations

(Union & Non-Union)

"Overachiever" an independent short film from a young production team that has been to the Cannes Film Festival 3 times and sold a film to Direct TV, is seeking 2 locations for filming on October 5th and 19th.
Our team is seeking two locations: an interior convenience store (preferably part of a gas station) and the exterior of an urban office building. These locations are plot essential, and we are very interested in finding the most cinematic locations possible. We are negotiable on requests for these locations.

Contact Details: Dave E. Website
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DP, Camera Operator Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

Elm Street Prod. A new company formed in a collaboration by some industry vets is looking for a Director of Photography/cameraman/do it all guy for a couple pilot shorts that will be making the rounds to all the major studios and distribution companies. We're independently shooting examples of potential series and sending out there basically.
Our needs, DP, camera operator, sound, editor or one guy that can do it all. :)
Please include examples, or a link to your work. Thanks!

Contact Details: Jaclyn Elm St. Prod.

Actress Search

(Union & Non-Union)

Sorry for re-posting but we're still searching.
Lead actress search for pilot television series shooting in Boston. 'Paige' is in her 20's, quick witted, sometimes neurotic, sometimes has a bit of a foul mouth, she's always funny (except when she's terrified, then she's terrified) she's in good shape, she's smart and sarcastic at times.
The actress playing her will have to be able to carry action, comedy, fear and a vast array of emotion. A very expressive face is a plus. :)

Contact Details: Jaclyn Elm St. Prod Jaclyn
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Your session with Santa

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking adult actors with film production capabilities or actors who have friends with film production capabilities. Seeking volunteers to perform and film your interview with Santa, his 40” mischievous and wise-cracking elf, and Doug the Talking Dog. We thought you might want to create a video that could go viral. Sadly with a son in college I cannot afford to pay you. We can supply the filming location and holiday backdrop. See

Contact Details: SantaKevin24x7 Driscoll Productions 617-901-6232 Website
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(Non-Union Only)

An assistant is needed to set up a book of photographs,
arranging images, as well as refining and adding to them
with the use of Photoshop.
If reasonably successful, a stipend can be arranged for
a portion of this work and one could consider oneself in
line for a sequel project.
We look forward to hearing from you!
(Don't rule out the phone).

Contact Details: Elmer Hawkes Worlds Together 617 354-2207 Website

Adult performers, film crew and other dummies outside Apple at 4:00AM this Friday 9/19/14

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking adult volunteers and crew to capture your public interview with my dummies and the others in line outside Boston's Apple Store this Friday at 4:00AM. We are sponsored to entertain the crowd and thought you might want to create a video that could go viral. Sadly with a son in college I cannot afford to pay you. See

Contact Details: VentriloquistKevin24x7 Driscoll Productions 617-901-6232 Website
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Looking for other dummies outside Apple at 4:00AM this Friday 9/19/14

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking volunteers to perform and film your interview with my dummies and the others in line at Boston's Apple Store this Friday at 4:00AM. We are sponsored to entertain the crowd and thought you might want to create a video that could go viral. Sadly with a son in college I cannot afford to pay you. See

Contact Details: VentriloquistKevin24x7 617-901-6232 Website
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Seeking Producer

(Union & Non-Union)


Contact Details: Jason Fenton Visually Sound Pictures LLC 781-439-8324 Website
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Need sound & lighting to shoot web-series pilot!

(Non-Union Only)

Looking to shoot a pilot for a web-series written by two lovely ladies. Access to the proper equipment is a must! The hope is that we can use this pilot to promote the launch of a kick-starter for our project. Right now, we are in desperate need of sound & lighting because we would like to ideally begin shooting at the start of October.
The series is an absurd comedy along the lines of Broad City, Louie, Girls.
If you are interested, please email with the subject line "The Pits".

Contact Details: Catiana & Melody

Need a Costume Designer

(Union & Non-Union)

Currently hiring a costume designer to create a mask for an independent Halloween short film.
Will receive more details upon request. If you have any samples of your work, I'd like to see them. Thanks.

Contact Details: J

Background: M/F Age 30-40; Shooters (Randolph, MA)

(Non-Union Only)

We need two actors ONE male and ONE Female; age 30-40, to play masked gun shooters on Tuesday, September 16th in Randolph, MA. For the web series "Family Problems" from 4-7pm in Randolph, MA. Non-Union Only. UNPAID. Please send resume and headshot.

Contact Details: AP Casting Angelwood Pictures Website

Casting Call Youth Male Lead

(Non-Union Only)

American Horror Films Productions LLC. is hold an open casting call for the youth Male lead for our paranormal film, "Hollow Children", set to film spring of 2015, with promos to film fall/winter 2014.
Date: 10/11/14
Time: 12 noon to 4 pm
Young caucasian male
7-9 years of age
The film is a paranormal film based on the life of a family in MA, who's young son was followed, and harassed by spirits that dwelled in the family home.

Contact Details: Mark Patrylak or Stephen Marchessault American Horror Films Productions LLC.
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The Painter and The Poet

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for an independent production company or director willing to take a chance with a unique screenplay. It is a character driven film that can be produced on a very low budget. If interested, please contact the writer for details. Richard 908-798-1686.

Contact Details: Richard Slayton 908-798-1686

Production Assistants needed 9/28

(Non-Union Only)

So the British short film "Analy" has extended into a 2 day shoot and we are in need of PAs from 9am to about 4 or 5.
The shoot will take place in Cromwell, CT.
You would be assisting the DP with Sound (holding a boom mic), Lights (positioning lights for scenes) and just general help around the set.
Food and credit will be given.
If interested, send email of interest including current photo of yourself and past work you have worked on.
Put "9/28" in the subject line.

Contact Details: Ali Robins

producer wanted for tv show

(Non-Union Only)

are you a good communicator, organized, driven, dedicated to bringing out the best in a team of artists while having a boatload of fun creating? well this position could very well be for you. the producers of a new bimonthly tv newsmagazine that spotlights the rising artists of new england are looking for that special someone (or two) to work closely with the executive production team in building an audience for the program. we are looking for those people who are looking to be in on the ground floor of unique television programming and a willingness to help build for the future.

Contact Details: rick sweaty turtle entertainment


(Non-Union Only)

Now casting for my next production: 'Unconditional', an LGBT film dealing with controversial subject matter. 2 females, that can look between the ages of 25-30.
Unpaid. Filming mostly in RI and possibly MA.
Please contact with questions or more info. Thanks.

Contact Details: Website