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Local Film Tweets

Independent Film/Video Project

Extras Needed for Short Film SINNERS

(Non-Union Only)

Call for EXTRAS, male or female, preferably over the age of 35 to sit in church pews in background of two scenes.
Day will run from 1:00pm through 6:30pm max though probably requiring less time. Shoot will take place in a church in downtown Providence Saturday 4/26. Address to be provided when individual confirms detail and availability via email.

Contact Details: Derek Dubois Filament Pictures Website
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The fastest, most romantic love yet.

(Non-Union Only)

Casting call for indie, low-budget feature film shooting in Boston area this July “The fastest, most romantic love yet.” It’s the story of two star-crossed Tinder matches in the hour and a half before their date.
Clay – early 20s; a technology-hating writer who is just as susceptible to the glittering lure of technology to quell loneliness
Phoebe – early 20s; a shy MIT Physics graduate student trying to make a human connection
Male #1 – any age; a Somali cab driver trying to make it in America

Contact Details: Shane Butler Dueling Hamilton
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Actors for 48 hour Film Fest

(Union & Non-Union)

Reaching out to see if there are any more actors interested in joining our crew for the 48 hour festival May 2-4.
We are looking for new actors, mixing the new with the old. All ages, shapes, sizes and experiences are encouraged to send their head-shots and demos if available. No head shot or demo? Sorry, you will not be considered. This is a great way to stretch your wings, have fun with the art that you love to create.
Actors must be available the weekend of May 3-4.

Contact Details: Aaron Rock Your Head Casting Website

Writer's Assistant/Various Duties

(Non-Union Only)

I am seeking a part-time assistant to help out with a variety of duties related to a screenplay I am writing for a group of friends that have had wonderful success with kickstarting previous projects. I'm about 30 pages into the screenplay, and initially I will want a reader/editor/critic/cheerleader--an actor, writer, or filmmaker who can read pages, makes notes and suggestions, and generally make sure that the script is flowing in a logical manner.

Contact Details: John Independent
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Seeking Lead Actress for Horror Movie

(Union & Non-Union)

Moongoyle Entertainment, LLC is an independent motion-picture production and distribution company that creates horror movies for a worldwide audience. We are seeking a leading actress between the ages of 18-25 to star in our next feature-length horror movie that begins filming this summer in Connecticut. The actress must be able to attend an audition on Sunday, May 25 at our studio in Rocky Hill, CT. Interested applicants may submit a headshot and resume to us at To learn more about Moongoyle Entertainment, please visit our website at

Contact Details: Aaron Howell Moongoyle Entertainment LLC Website


(Union & Non-Union)

CASTING NOTICE. . .. for my short film "Unknown". Now accepting head-shots/resumes/demo reels for the following roles:
Christopher Madden-­ Lead-Male
Age:25-­35 Caucasian
Slim­‐Medium Build, Medium-­Long Hair, Scruffy, Powerful Strong Voice
Angela Mortenson-Female
Age: 40/50s
Slim-Medium Build, Long Brown/Blonde hair, Hippie.
Medium-­Bulky Build, Short Buzzed Hair, Harsh Looking Man.
Elderly Woman
Slim-­Thin Build, Short, Gray Wispy Hair.
Old Man
Age: 50-­70s

Contact Details: Eric Trumpold
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(Union & Non-Union)

Project Length: 13-18 minutes
Production Location: Providence, RI and Westport, MA
Director: Tennyson Turner
Audition Location: Providence Public Library Auditorium (150 Empire St. Providence, RI)
Compensation: Copy and Credit
Union & Non-union are welcome to submit
Auditions: April 17-19 & 25-27
Shooting Starts: Early/Mid-May (Exact Dated Based on Talent Availability)
Shooting Ends: Late May/ Early June

Contact Details: Tennyson or Siri Turner Family Productions
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Rocket in My Pocket - Short Film Crew Call

(Non-Union Only)

Crew positions are now open for the short film project Rocket in My Pocket. Filming begins July 18, 2014 and tentatively continues for four weekends. Meals, copy and credit.
Inquiries from creative and professional women strongly encouraged.

“Rocket in My Pocket” is about a young Puerto Rican lesbian and an elderly German rocket engineer, who bond over a love of model rocketry.
Required to find suitable film locations in the Springfield/Western MA/CT area. Need ASAP.
Should be comfortable with black-and-white imagery.

Contact Details: Dimitri LaBarge Unconscious Genius Productions Website
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Family Comedy Web-Series Seeking Production Assistants

(Non-Union Only)

Bluewater East Entertainment is seeking PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS to work on the second season of the family comedy web-series "Welcome to Grandpaville" which shoots weekends only from May 17 - July 20. The series shoots in the Central CT (Greater Hartford) area. These are ideal positions for students looking for credits, and individuals looking to gain valuable production experience. No experience necessary, but must have reliable transportation and be willing to commit to the production schedule. NO PAY, but meals will be provided.

Contact Details: Bluewater East Crew Coordinator Bluewater East Entertainment Website
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Behind the Music Video

(Union & Non-Union)

It's taken 33 years, but we are finally producing our music video.
An 80's local rock band has been talking about it since they were 18. Now, in their 50's, the band is getting together to finally film the video.
We are looking for local filmmakers who want to produce a quick 5 minute behind the scenes video with interviews and segments from the shooting of the video. A production crew is already hired to do the main feature of the music video. We just want to have a side crew to produce a bonus footage.

Contact Details: Frank
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Need a actor/interview host for a local access television interview/cooking show called The Big Screen Chef

(Union & Non-Union)

Am developing a local access tv show called "The Big Screen Chef" It will feature 20-30 min of interviewing the guest, followed by 30 or 40 min of cooking with the guest. Host/Interviewer should have some cooking experience and interview skills as we hope to get Billy Costa of TV Diner/Kiss 108 Matty in the morning show and some other interesting guests for the first few shows. We could interview anyone from a local band, to a CEO, to an author to a upcoming actor or even famous actor..or musician...or sports legend and then cook with them.

Contact Details: Jeff Dearman Bright Lights Media (BLM Media) Freelance Productions Cell: 781-664-0498
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Need Crew

(Non-Union Only)

We are a web series that got picked up by a network. However, we need to film a final episode for the web series. We need a crew of PA's, sound, camera ops, DP and stuff. No pay right now, but you could advance. We offer lots of fun, experience, food and stuff for your reel. And who knows some one high could like your stuff. Dates needed 4/26 thru May.

Contact Details: shawn allen PARAGODS 978-551-1231 Website

Need 60+ Actress

(Non-Union Only)

Are you an actress over the age of 60? Would you like to be in a series? Can you do adult comedy? Are you available 4/26 10am in Sandown, NH? If so, email headshot & resume. No pay, but a chance to become pay. Non-union.

Contact Details: shawn allen PARAGODS 978-551-1231 Website

VOICE ACTRESS NEEDED (late 30's to 40's

(Non-Union Only)

VOICE ACTRESS needed for a short film from an Emerson Graduate production.
JACKIE: the voice on the other end of the phone is Laila's sister, calling to wish her a Happy 30th Birthday and deliver the news that she is pregnant yet again.
Although, this role is never seen this is a pivotal moment in the story. STRONG acting skills necessary. This is a good opportunity for someone who is building a reel or wants experience with ADR. Must have availability to travel to Emerson College in Downtown Boston. Filmmaker will reimburse for travel or parking.

Contact Details: LCTV
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Casting Call-Auditions begin this weekend

(Union & Non-Union)

Production Title: EGO
Production Type: Short Film
Production Location: Providence, RI & Westport, MA
Director: Tennyson Turner
Producers: Tennyson Turner & Siri Borgen
Audition Location: Providence Public Library
Shoot Location: Providence, RI & Westport, MA
Compensation: Copy and Credit
Auditions: April 17-19 & 25-27
Shooting starts: Early – Mid-May – Exact Dates TBD
Shooting Ends: Late May/Early June
Seeking non-union and/or union actors (those without experience may still apply)

Contact Details: Turner Family Productions
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**CASTING** Fun and experienced group needs Actors for 48 Hr Film Festival

(Union & Non-Union)

Rock Your Head Productions and Fat foots films are working on the 48 HR film project together! It's our first film working together since our made for TV movie "Joy and the Apocalypse".
We are looking for new actors, mixing the new with the old. All ages, shapes, sizes and experiences are encouraged to send their head-shots and demos if available. No head shot or demo? Sorry, you will not be considered. This is a great way to stretch your wings, have fun with the art that you love to create.
Actors must be available the weekend of May 3-4.

Contact Details: Aaron Rock Your Head Productions Website
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Feature Film -- On Set Sound Recording

(Union & Non-Union)

Feature Film shooting in Charlestown, MA thru April 25th looking for Production Sound help. Seeking volunteers with Lavalier and Boom experience to work alongside Sound Mixer.
Looking for immediate help, please send a few words about yourself and a resume to Armando if you want to join the team! : )

Contact Details: Armando Ankaboot Productions


(Non-Union Only)

Shoot the Moon Films is currently seeking an experienced Sound Engineer and Composer for the Boston 48-Hour Film Project - taking place May 3rd and 4th.
In addition to helping us with an awesome film, we also hope to use this opportunity to meet sound engineers and composers for future projects!
Email us at,, and send along samples and resumes to be considered. We appreciate all the support and hope to hear from you soon.
For more information on Shoot the Moon Films, check us out at:

Contact Details: Curtis Reid Shoot the Moon Films Website
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In need of a location for a scene re-shoot for my feature film I Am Monroe?

(Union & Non-Union)

I need to re-shoot a scene for my feature I Am Monroe? I am in need of a bathroom with a claw-foot tub. We would need it for ONE day of shooting. Two actors and roughly about 5-8 crew members will be on site. We would need it for about 6 to 8 hours. I am looking to film this as soon as a location is available. Please email me: Thank you!

Contact Details: Jocelyn Padilla JP Productions 304-629-4456


(Union & Non-Union)

We're looking for two talented young female actresses (age 6-9) for our 48 Hour Film.
Shooting will take place on Saturday, May 3rd in Sherborn, MA.
These are key roles so we are really searching for special and unique talents that can carry them. The shoot will be both fun and professional.
If you're unfamiliar with the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, check it out before responding. It's not your average shoot!

Contact Details:

CASTING for 48 Hour Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting talented, experienced actors for our 48 Hour Film, which we will be shooting the weekend of May 3-4 in Sherborn, MA. I'm particularly interested in actors with interesting and unique characteristics. SAG preferred.
*Send resumes and links to reels to:
If you're unfamiliar with the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, check it out before responding. It's not your average shoot!

Contact Details:

CAST & CREW - Fun Zero Budget SHORTS - Super 8mm, VHS

(Union & Non-Union)

SHORTS are going to be shot around town.
Fun, ugly, ZERO BUDGET shorts. SUPER 8MM! VHS!
SEEKING: People seriously interested in throwing in their time, and savvy, to collaborate with.
Do touch base soon.
CAST - Performing artists of all stripes.
CREW - DPs & sound recordists.
3 ready to shoot scripts for May.

Contact Details: 1-508-269-3913 Website

David Brown - lost your email and we would really like you back for more Hero voice acting

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi. For this particular post we are really only looking to hear from one man, our Hero, David Brown. So if you are he, here's an update, OTW is coming along smoothly, we have an animator and we've already finished the first episode with a light score and even an intro. We're currently casting for new voices for the other characters, but we want to keep you as Hero. If you're around, email me and lets restart.
Austyn S.

Contact Details: Austyn S. Shut Up Systems Website

Independent filmmaker seeking a location to film on 5/18.

(Non-Union Only)

We have nearly completed filming a low-budget comedy feature in the Greater Boston and Northshore area and are looking for a film enthusiast with a great location where we can shoot one of the final scenes.

Contact Details: Jim Heffernan Crazy Jim Films, LTD. Website
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filmmakers for creature horror webshow

(Union & Non-Union)

-Shut Up Systems is looking to start a web series based off of our original project that has yet to gather interested parties. Promising...
-We plan to release this offline and on the web, but we have no industry contacts that will guarantee a high revenue.
-We aren't really looking for professionals. This project is more about us making something out of what you've filmed, based on our guidelines(or script). But anyone can apply.
Working Title: DEAD PHASE

Contact Details: Austyn S. Shutupsystems Website
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Punk band or horrorcore Rap artist for Rock Opera - Or anyone with an awesome singing voice

(Union & Non-Union)

Where ever you are and however you sing, we want to hear you. is in the process of making several projects for the hell of it, and today we're looking to get our songs started. We have several lyrics for you to pick through, but we have no issues collaborating.
The raps will be used in an episode of an anime (in the future once we have funding) while the punk songs will be used in another animated series, possibly anime, probably more cartoony (and also in the future)

Contact Details: Austyn S. Shutupsystems Website
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Talent for a TV show

(Non-Union Only)

Are you interested in being on the show?
If you're a singer/actress/model/writer/filmmaker/poet/dancer/etc and would like to be apart of a show where you can showcase your talent on a CT TV show, then New England Artists is the show for you.
This unconventional artists TV show is based out of CT.
FInd the show on Facebook: NEA

Contact Details: Ali Robins New England Artists

Horror Feature Filming later in 2014

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for male and female leads for a feature length horror movie filming later in 2014 or early 2015. Please send headshot/resume for early consideration. A Casting call will also be held this summer with the directors and producers. Please send your information to...

Contact Details:

Seeking Actress, 18-30, for Short Film Noir

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking an actress, 18-30, to portray the object of a crush that may be malevolent or may be benign in a short film called RISK. The tone shifts from film noir to romantic comedy, and the actress will need to portray apprehension, confidence, and a playful seductive charm.

Contact Details: Mark Dellelo Website
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Searching for cast for short film "Goodbye Marissa Whitlesby".

(Non-Union Only)

Searching for cast for short film "Goodbye Marissa Whitlesby". The story follows Marissa as she says goodbye to her family and friends before traveling for treatment for serious medical condition.
Female - 25-35 years old
Female - 25-35 years old
All ages

Contact Details: Omar J. Cruz Rubio 787-960-6833