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I am interested in working in film, doing make up, in the Boston area.

I'm licensed in the state of Massachusetts for make up and Esthetics. I believe I'd be an asset to any crew that needs skills like mine. I am willing to travel and work the hours needed to be on a film set, recognizing this can involve all types of circumstances.
I have 10 years in the make up industry, as well as modeling and photography. This being said, I have a great eye for color, lighting and style, that I would be bringing to any set; along with a tremendous work ethic and sense of humor coupled with discretion.
My questions really are
1. Who should I talk too- an agency, an agent? Thoughts?
2. Cold calling?
3. Presentation beyond my résumé: should I. Make up new cards (5x7) w some of my best work or keep things on a disc format? Though having something available on a computer is great a well done card w great work doesn't always end up in the trash.

Despite being in this industry for some time, I've limited myself to skin care and bridal/prom make up. However I do have flare and I think it's well worth it at this point to utilize these assets.
Any thought, suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated ! Peace- CECE