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Local Film Tweets

Good Taste

Production Company: 
Boston University
Two killers are on the loose, the next target is Boston. What's worse: evidence of human remains has been found in the kitchens of the missing persons, leading authorities to believe that cannibalism fuels the killings. On the run and in hiding, both of the perpetrators move into the same apartment building by chance. These new neighbors have some dark common ground -- and if they want to survive, they must work together in their horrific hobby.
Year of Release: 
Filming Locations: 
Director of Photography: 
Richard Woolbert
Jesse Galkowski
Jesse Galkowski, Jacob Bann, Richard Woolbert, Daniel Ernst
Jacob Bann
Contact Person: 
Jesse Galkowski - Producer Boston University College of Communications 2013
Contact Phone: 
508 415 1744
Posted Email: