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Thompson Films LLC


Thompson Films LLC is a production company that offers an array of services including web series, weddings, feature films, commercials, as well as many other media forms. What Thompson Films LLC can offer:

-Able to work independently or part of a creative team to develop, shoot, edit, and create the final product.
-Can provide HD camera work along with high quality sound recording.
-Edit the final product together to create the client's vision.
-Shoot and edit wedding videos capturing priceless moments.
Actor's Reels:
-As a director and creator of a series whose been through the casting process, we are aware of what type of footage casting directors are looking for.
-Edit actor's reels together to create a final product that will show the actor's talents in various projects.
Edit sports highlight DVD's:
-For potential college athletes being recruited as a highlight video for head coaches to review.
-Videos to highlight the best of an athletic season.
-Create photo and video slideshows for birthdays, weddings, or any other special occasion.

Please email with questions and prices.

Years in Business: 
1-2 years
Contact Information
United States
Primary Contact Person