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Skin and Bone

Production Company: 
Milk and Cookie Productions
Everyday critical cardiac care units greet workers, patients, and their loved ones with the social calamity of business, office, and family politics, all within the volatile setting of life-or-death situations. Over one day in a prestigious modern hospital, seven such people find their lives changed in varied and unpredictable ways.
Year of Release: 
Filming Locations: 
Boston, Cambridge
Lucy Harrison, Shaun M. Butler
Philip M. Magcalas
Philip M. Magcalas
Adriana Rozo, Aisha Townes, Alexandra McDougall, Allen McRae, Angel Lau, Ashley James, Cassandra Meyer, Christine Joyce, Emily Abad, Eric Williams, Erika Zaken, Hector Defaz, Jocelyn Jones, John Depew, Jonathan Abad, Jonathan Jenkins, Kathleen Townes, Linda Mayer, Lucy Harrison, Lucy Robinson, Michael P. Sullivan, Patrick Joyce, Philip M. Magcalas, Rasheed Townes, Rehana Vaidya, Ryan Petti, Sarah McLean, Scott Sand, Shaun Butler, Shilpa Londhe, Sonya Joyner, Terranova Kallemeyn, Timothy Giordano, Todd Daily, Tsana Dimanin
Contact Person: 
Lucy Harrison
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