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David Bentubo

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Co-Founder, Boston Stunt Group
Stunt Performer / Professional Wrestler

The Girl From the Naked Eye (Stunts) (Mu Yee Productions)<br> El Toro Metal (Assistant Stunt Coordinator) (Perspective Productions)<br> Gloria (stunts) (Unfolding Story Pictures) <br> My Best Friend's Girl (extra) (Still Single Productions)<br> Godsmack Music Video (extra)<br> Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Extra) (Avery Pix)<br> Mall Cop (Extra) (Mall Cop Productions)<br> This Side of the Truth (Extra) (Lin Productions)<br> Hachiko: A Dogs Story (Extra) (Grand Army Entertainment)<br> Edge of Darkness (Extra) (EOD, llc) BTW Wrestling Events<br> US Wrestling Federation<br> APCW Pro Wrestling<br> Millenium Wrestling Federation<p>
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