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Local Film Tweets

Rhodes Collar

Posted in

Train and handle animals for film and television.

Feature Films: The Producers<br> War of the Worlds<br> Prime<br> Dead Flowers Project <br> You Are Alone<br> Signs<br> The Royal Tennenbaums<br> Vanilla Sky<br> What’s The Worst That Could Happen?<br> Swimming Upstream<br> Dead Dog<br> Fireflies<br> Amistad<br> 27 Dresses (in production)<br> Evening<br> Be Kind Rewind<br> Underdog<br> Hard Luck<p> Television: <br> It’s A Miracle<br> Guiding Light<br> Law and Order<br> Third Watch<br> Providence<br> When I grow Up<br> Waterfront<br> Brotherhood<p> Film Shorts:<br> Fashion Play<br> Five Days to Sunday<br> Dog Dance 2000<p> Commercials (not complete list):<br> Ralph Lauren<br> NFL Films<br> Columbo Yogurt<br> Maxim Magazine<br> Heartguard<br> Carier Air<br> MediaOne<br> Macy’s<br> Energy Star<br> Tellenium Software<br> Clorox<br> Hasbro Toys<br> New York Lotto<br> AT&T<br> Bell Atlantic<br> Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile<br> Humane Society Of the United States<br> Walt Disney World’s Playclothes<br> Home Again Pet ID<br> IAMS<br> Dannon<br> Sports Authority<p> Other:<br> Rugrats in Paris (film tag)<br> Maxim Magazine – party<br> 102 Dalmatians – fashion show<br> MTV - Cam’Ron and MACE<br> MTV - Charlie Baltimore<br>
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11 Allen St
(860) 213-0260
(860) 245-0326
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