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Massachusetts Media Fellowships


The Massachusetts Cultural Council Media Fellowships and BF/VF Production Grants is a funding program to provide direct support to artists in recognition of excellence in independent film and video work. These two grant programs are administered by Boston Film/ Video Foundation and supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the LEF Foundation. There is a single application form to apply for one or both programs.

Walid Ra’ad, Northampton, MA, The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs / Up to the South, Experimental Documentary Video - Also awarded a Production Grant of $2000 for a project about the hostages in Lebanon during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Robb Moss, Jamaica Plain, MA, The Tourist / Africa Revisited / Riverdogs, Documentary Film. Mary Kocol, Somerville, MA, My Father’s Story / Is This Me?, Animation. Lauren Ivy Chiong, Cambridge, MA, Holy Tortilla, Narrative Film.
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c/o Boston Film Video Foundation
1126 Boylston St.
(617) 536-1540
(617) 536-3576
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