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Local Film Tweets

An Interview with Filmmaker Stephanie Rabins

By Catherine Stewart
Still from We Take the Train

Fellow female filmmakers discuss work, life, and more in this new series, Females in Film. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to filmmaker and educator Stephanie Rabins about her work as well as her recent move to New England.

An Interview with Filmmaker Geena Matuson

By Catherine Stewart
Geena Matuson, Photo by Desolate Metropolis

Fellow female filmmakers discuss work, life, and more in this new series. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to Geena Matuson, an emerging filmmaker and artist, about her work, her awards, and her future.

Filmmaker Bianca Giaever Named Stowe Story Labs Fellow

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.34.54 AM.png nominated five talented filmmakers and writers for a fellowship to the 2014 Stowe Story Labs--filmmakers Julie Perkins, Geena Matuson, Bianca Giaever, Lorre Fritchy, and Vanessa Carmona. From this select pool of nominees, the Stowe Story Labs jury offered a fellowship to filmmaker Bianca Giaever.

Music in Film: Providence's What Cheer Brigade to be Featured in Rhode Island International Film Festival

By Chelsea Boulrisse
A still from What Cheer?

Director Michael Slavens addresses this idea of being overcome by grief in his new short film, What Cheer?, which features music from The What Cheer Brigade, an award-winning and beloved 19-piece brass band originating from Providence, Rhode Island.

Kickstart New England: and Spin the Plate

By Casey Stirling

This month's Kickstart New England series we feature our own Indiegogo campaign for a relaunch where you can pick up some great perks for your contributions, as well as a Kickstarter campaign for local film Spin the Plate.

Industry News: August 2014

By Casey Stirling
Moonlight Bait and Ammo

Woody Allen, Gus Van Sant, Johnny Depp--it turns out summer in New England this year is star-studded. Plus, find out about events, industry buzz and upcoming opportunities. For news ideas, send an email to

How to Be a Voice-Over Artist: Understanding Today's Landscape

By Kevin T. Cunningham

If you are thinking, “I’m a good actor, but I don’t necessarily have a great voice,” keep reading. First, the voice-over industry might be different than you thought, especially since recent technology has revolutionized the voice-over industry—changing both the work available and how we get work. Read on to learn about the scope, sound, and sourcing of today’s voice-overs.

Advice for Actors: An Interview with Erica Derrickson

By Josh Coleman
Erica Derrickson

Photographer and Actress Erica Derrickson talks with about her advice for actors and her organization Hollywood East Actors.

Top Tips on Evaluating Agents and Production Companies

By Susan Kouguell

What happens when an agent or production company expresses an interest in your work? The Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell provides readers with some tips on how to proceed not only with excitement, but with caution.

A Chat with Jeff Toste, Director of Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner

By Sam Cooper
Haven Bros. diner chats with Filmmaker Jeff Toste about his directorial debut Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner, a film about the oldest operating diner on wheels in America. The film screens in East Greenwich, RI on July 26 and at the Rhode Island International Film Festival on August 10.

Win the Indiegogo Referral Contest

By Michele Meek has launched a referral contest for its Indiegogo campaign -- if you refer the most funders to our campaign, you will have a story written about you, your film or your company in!

Crowdfund Your Film: A Guide to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed & Spark, and GoFundMe

By Josh Coleman
Seed & Spark

There seem to be no shortage of films seeking to raise money through crowdfunding--just take a look at's Kickstart New England series. If you're thinking about crowdfunding your film, you'll need to plan carefully. And one of the first steps is to decide what platform to use, so here's a breakdown of four of the most popular crowdfunding sites--Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed & Spark, and GoFundMe.

Country Music Pioneers: Beth Harrington on her latest documentary

By Sam Hays
Janette and Joe Carter

Boston native Beth Harrington explores the impact of country music pioneers The Carters and the Cashes in her new documentary, The Winding Stream, playing at the Woods Hole Film Festival on July 26th.

Industry News: July 2014

By Casey Stirling

The summer of film festivals continues with Maine International Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, and more. Check out opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in this month's industry news. To submit news, e-mail

Twenty Questions: Are you *really* ready to submit your screenplay?

By Susan Kouguell
Questions, courtesy of

Before you submit your screenplay, get feedback from people who will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. Here are 20 questions to ask them to make sure you're getting feedback that will help. To have your question answered in the next column, email

Hollywood Loves Boston — Should We Love It Back? Founder and Publisher Michele Meek discusses the film tax credit in Massachusetts and Hollywood's portrayal of Boston on WGBH's Greater Boston in a segment "Hollywood Loves Boston — Should We Love It Back?".