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Local Film Tweets

April 1999

Finding and Keeping Work in Film & Video

By Kenna McHughTips to save you time, money and embarrassment...

Not a Virgin!

By Lorre Fritchy
Irena Fayngold's first foray into filmmaking outlines the female-unfriendly path from the batter's box to home plate.

Videomaking for Social Change: Roberto Arevalo

By Alia-Anor Akaeze
Roberto Arevalo challenges mainstream media in "Sin Maquillaje" to be featured in April's New England Film & Video Festival.

Super Documentary

By Julie WolfA review of the award-winning "Super Chief".

DVD: Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You

By Michael Yecies
DVD Studio at Video Transfer Inc. in Boston, MA.
You might not think you need DVD, or even want it. But here's what you'd be missing...

WGBH Profiles Local Films and Videos

By Amy Steele
Hey, it really is local television. WGBH features the works of independent film/video makers April-May.

Industry News

By Michele Meek
The dish on local films & industry-related news in the New England film industry.

The UnSullied Truth About Hollywood

By Raúl daSilvaEveryone wants to break in to Hollywood, but is it possible?

Talking with "Southie" Film Director

By Eric Aron
John Shea
Local writer/director John Shea talks about making "Southie," which was recently picked up by Lions Gate Entertainment.

Shiny Happy Taxpayers

By Gentry Menzel
On the set of "Tax Day".
A review of "Tax Day".