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Local Film Tweets

July 1998

How to Finance Your Independent Film

By Robert C. DiGregorio, Jr.
Film & Video Financing
Over the years, film financing has become one the most complex and risky investments. Yet, here are viable avenues for independent filmmakers to secure financing.

News Flash: What's Happening in the Local Film Scene

By Liza Camellerie
From the Boston/New England scene
Comings and goings, from the set, upcoming screenings, and other happenings from the local scene.

Review of Old Man Dogs

By Kiersten Conner-Sax
While the film is marred with a few technical difficulties, it's a beautifully shot first effort by Bill Millios that makes scenic use of its New Hampshire location.

The Mirror Project: Where Thoughts Move Freely...

By Mirror Project Intern Miranda Pyne
Jose Gonzales’ from Patricia Valladares award winning video "It’s Tough"
Celebrating its 6-year anniversary, the Mirror Project continues to teach and inspire inner-city youth to make videos about their lives. This summer, the project will present a special video and photo retrospective at the DeCordova Museum.

Letter from LA: Pitching a Script at Paramount

By M.M. Goldstein
Paramount Pictures
Ever dream of being able to pitch your script to the bigwigs at a major Hollywood studio? Well, read an account by former Massachusetts resident, M.M. Goldstein who actually did it!

Filmmaker Rocky Collins Arrives in Maine for a Festival Screening of Pants on Fire

By Mary Phillips-Sandy
Filmmaker, writer and Mainer-in-exile Rocky Collins comes home for a special screening of his film Pants on Fire during the Maine International Film Festival.