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Local Film Tweets

February 2006

Local Character

By Amanda Axelson
A still from After June.
Boston-based filmmaker/teacher Mike Civille reflects on his career and latest project produced and shot entirely in New England, After June.

Wake Up Mr. Listener

By Erin TrahanFormer Northeastern University quarterback Byron Hurt takes a critical look at men, masculinity, and hip-hop culture with the Sundance premiere of his new documentary, Beyond Beats and Rhymes.

Media Revolution: Podcasting (Part 2)

By Steve Garfield and David Tames
A stil from the video podcast for Four Eyed Monsters.
In part two of this two-part article we focus on video podcasting.

How to Be an... Associate Producer

By Ellen Mills
A still from One Sung Hero.
If you organize like a PDA, change gears like a sport scar, have the stamina of a marathon runner and can talk to everyone from the Production Assistant to the Director, then you may have what it takes to be an Associate Producer. As AP on the film One Sung Hero which screened at Sundance 2006, Will Fraser tells us what to expect from the job and what the job demands from you.

Writer's Experience

By Randy SteinbergBoston University aims to equip writers with both academic experience and industry expertise during their new intensive summer Screenwriting Institute for aspiring writers.

Frame by Frame

By Andrea Maxwell
A still from Never Live Above a Psychic.
Director Steve Gentile speaks about his hand-animation film Never Live Above a Psychic which screened last month at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival.

Industry News

By Michele Meek
Pledge of Allegiance Blues screens this month.
A report of news & happenings in the local industry for February 2006.

Out of the Blue

By Sara Faith Alterman Connecticut’s Bluefoot Entertainment soars to the top while keeping themselves grounded. Brothers Timothy and Daniel Horgan wax professional.


By Ann Jackman
A still from Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School.
Filmmaker Irena Fayngold explores the tension between religious belief and sexual identity through the eyes of a teenager coming of age in the modern world in her film Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School.