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Local Film Tweets

May 2005

Liquid Lunch

By Randy Steinberg
A still from "Number Two Pencil."
Joe Gatto talks about his new short film "Number Two Pencil" and his company, Liquid Lunch Productions.

Industry News

By Michele Meek
A still from "Land of College Prophets."
The Massachusetts Production Coalition, a new film festival in Maine, and more.... A report of news & happenings in the local industry for May 2005.

The Graduate

By Karen Sampson
Harrison Wilcox with his mother, Suzanne Wilcox at the Boston College Baldwin Awards.

The future looks bright for recent Baldwin Award-winner and soon-to-be Boston College graduate Harrison Wilcox, who talks about the advantages of going to film school in New England, the enemy of creativity, and getting ready for the real world.

Locally Grown

By Ellen Mills
Actress Julie McNiven, on location in Peterborough, NH for "Dangerous Crosswinds."

New Hampshire Filmmaker Bill Millios is dedicated to independent feature production in his home state. His latest feature film "Dangerous Crosswinds" premieres this month in Manchester, NH with a series of screenings to follow.

Affordable High-Definition

By Anthony Bottaro
Sony's HVR-Z1U.

A review of Sony's new HVR-Z1U camcorder -- the company's first attempt at a compact, cost-effective camera that enables HiDef on a standard DV cassette

NAB 2005 Highlights

By David Tames
The NAB exhibit floor.
A report from the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the definitive media and entertainment event for sizing up industry trends and checking out new gear.

East Coast Hollywood

By Emily Lysaght
Rhode Island's action-packed promotion.
Proposed tax incentives aim to fix Rhode Island as one of the most competitive locations for film and television productions.

On the Brink

By Katrin Redfern
A still from "Four Corners of Suburbia."

New York filmmaker Elizabeth Puccini explores the transition between youth and adulthood in her first film "Four Corners of Suburbia" shot in Maine and screening this month through Film North.

Pictures in Motion

By Andrea Maxwell
A still from "Winter (En Hiver)."

Andy Collen talks about the short animated film "Winter," recent winner of the Boston Motion Picture Award.