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Local Film Tweets

March 2003

Getting the Grant

By Simon Rucker
Errol Morris a former recipient of the MacArthur Fellows grant. Pictured is a still from his film "Vernon, Florida."
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation offers a rare source of large funding for filmmakers -- but there are some requirements to bear in mind.

Out of Africa

By Emily Jansen
Filmmaker John Marshall in Africa in 1955.
The 50 years filmmaker John Marshall’s spent documenting the lives of the Ju/’hoansi, the native hunter-gatherer inhabitants of present-day Namibia, comes to fruition in the five-part "A Kalahari Family" screening at the MFA, Boston.

Industry News

By Allison Walton
 "Uphill All the Way" screens at this month's Women's Film Festival in Vermont.
Project Greenlight winners, upcoming Final Cut Pro seminar, film festivals galore, and more... A report of news & events in the local industry for March 2003.

Grand Dames

By Asa Pittman
A still from "Ruth and Connie: Every Room in the House."
Deborah Dickson talks about her award-winning film "Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House," which screens at several local festivals this month and airs on HBO in June.

Lessons from Childhood

By Ann Jackman
A still from "Little Hearts."
Steve Maing discusses his short film, "Little Hearts," an honest and thoughtful look at the complexities of childhood friendships, screening at the New England Film and Video Festival this month.

Sixty Seconds

By Eric Aron
Evos Art Institute in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts.
Nate Longcopepresents a collection of one-minute shorts in the new One Minute Video Festival screening at the Evos Art Institute and other venues in the Northeast this month.

New England Gems

By Chris Cooke
A still from "The Same River Twice."
Reviews of films featured in the 2003 New England Film & Video Festival -- "The Same River Twice," "Being Human" and "Black Flowers."

Cinema Sympathy

By Amy Souza
Robert Eads and Lola Cola -- the subjects of the documentary "Southern Comfort."
Filmmaker Kate Davis talks about her award-winning documentary "Southern Comfort" which will be shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival Winter Screening Series 2003.